Resume Writing for Career Changers: How to Highlight Your Transferable Skills

Making a career change can be exciting, but also frightening when it comes to updating your resume. Your previous experience and skills may not seem directly relevant to your new career goals, but with the right approach, you can highlight the transferable skills and experiences to make you a strong candidate.
Here are some tips and strategies to help you write a winning resume for your career change.
The most important thing is to highlight your transferable skills. Focus on the skills you have developed in your previous careers that are relevant to your new career. This could include leadership, problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and time management, among others. Research job postings for your desired role and incorporate the relevant keywords used in the job description into your resume. This will help you match with employer search criteria and increase your chances of bypassing Application Tracking System (ATS) and being selected for an interview.
Another key aspect while writing a resume for career change is tailor your resume to each job and customize your resume to highlight the experiences and skills that are most relevant to each job you apply for. This shows the employer that you have taken the time to research their company and understand the requirements of the role.
Always make a functional or skills-based resume, functional resume is skills-based resume focuses on your skills and achievements, rather than your chronological work history. This format can be particularly useful for career changers, as it allows you to highlight the experiences and skills that are most relevant to your new career. Your resume should be brief, no longer than two pages, and should quickly highlight your most relevant experiences and skills. Avoid long, detailed descriptions of your previous work experience, and instead, use bullet points to quickly convey your achievements.

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