Highlighting Your Clinical Skills on Your Registered Nurse Resume

A Registered Nurse (RN) is a highly qualified healthcare professional who has completed a comprehensive nursing program at a recognized educational institution and has met the licensing requirements set forth by a government-sanctioned regulatory body. The scope of practice for an RN is defined by legislation and is monitored by a professional organization or council. RNs are employed in a diverse range of healthcare settings and may specialize in a particular field of practice. They are often entrusted with supervising the care provided by other members of the healthcare team, including student nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses (in some regions), unlicensed assistive personnel, and less experienced RNs. To maintain their license and stay up to date in the field, RNs must meet minimum practice hour requirements and engage in ongoing continuing education. Additionally, they are required to maintain a clear criminal record.

When crafting a resume for a Registered Nurse (RN) position, it is important to highlight your education, clinical experience, skills, patient care expertise, teamwork abilities, communication skills, and notable accomplishments in previous jobs. Emphasize your qualifications and expertise in the field to create a strong and professional resume that effectively showcases your capabilities as a healthcare professional.

Highlighting relevant education is a key aspect of Registered Nurse (RN) resume writing. Some of the relevant education include Associate of Science in Nursing (ASN) degrees typically take three years to complete due to the higher volume of undergraduate coursework related to nursing. In comparison, Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees offer more in-depth training in leadership, community health, and clinical experience. Both ASN and BSN programs also have accelerated options, which are considered demanding due to the compacted curriculum. Some healthcare employers, particularly hospitals, may prefer or require a BSN for entry-level positions, although it is becoming increasingly common for ASN-licensed individuals to be hired for limited practice with the expectation of obtaining a BSN within a specified timeframe, typically 2-3 years.

There are also specialty certifications available through organizations, such as the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC), an affiliate of the American Nurses Association. Upon meeting eligibility requirements and passing the relevant certification exam, the Registered Nurse – Board Certified (RN-BC) credential is granted.

Registered Nurse Summary Examples

Nurse Practitioner: Highly analytical and results-driven healthcare professional with substantial experience as advanced Registered Nurse offering clinical care across emergency room and level 2 trauma center. Demonstrated history of delivering excellent nursing care services to patients in the most challenging, fast-paced, and evolving environment. Possess in-depth knowledge and working experience in triaging vast numbers of patients with fever, abdominal pain, numbness, and chest pain. Articulate and refined communicator with a keen desire to help others and instrumental team leader in triage and acute areas for nursing personnel. Motivated and compassionate Nurse with strong work ethic who instills confidence and promotes a calm and reassuring environment.

Registered Nurse: Highly analytical and results-driven registered nurse with substantial experience in leading various facets of clinical care across several health care facilities assuring optimal compliance with set regulations and guidelines. Proven success in planning and delivering exceptional care to patients and family members. Demonstrated history of collaborating cross-functionally or working independently, utilizing nursing best practices to thrive in a challenging, fast-paced, and evolving environment. Able to document survey and investigation processes and prepare formal written reports on findings, deficiency determination, along with all supporting evidence leveraging Principles of Documentation. Adept at conducting follow-up reviews to verify deficiencies have been corrected, remove ongoing threats to resident health and safety, in cases of Immediate Jeopardy or Immediate Threats. Demonstrated history of establishing an organizational vision to deliver excellent care services to patients in a continuously changing environment through creativity, external awareness, flexibility, resilience, and strategic thinking. Ability to lead and motivate teams/students in attainment of set learning objectives.

Medical Practitioner: Dedicated and compassionate medical practitioner, with extensive experience in providing patient-centered care in the areas of cardiology, palliative care medicine, respiratory medicine, endocrinology, oncology, rental medicine, geriatric medicine, rehabilitation, gastroenterology, neurology, and oncology. Highly effective at collaborating with other healthcare professionals to develop treatment plan and ensure continuity of care. Equipped with strong analytical and communication skills, coupled with the ability to work well under pressure, fast-paced, and emergency situations.

Clinical Application Analyst: Empathetic professional with hands-on experience in physical therapy, rehab tech, nursing, and clinical application analysis. Demonstrated ability to maintain software, upgrade applications, and implement solutions. Technically savvy, able to quickly assess and utilize the appropriate response to meet the specific needs of the business requirement at hand. Expertise in enhancing end-user experience on electronic medical records and troubleshooting bugs. Excel at commissioning and validation of multiple projects, consistently delivering projects ahead of schedule and under budget. Therapy systems analyst, experienced in supporting, implementing, and training dietary, inpatient, pharmacy, patient registration, medical records, and scheduling systems. Capable of coordinating processes required for implementation of applications and systems to meet business and communication needs.

Registered Nurse Soft and Hard Skills

  • Physical Therapist Administration
  • Nursing & Care Management
  • Medical/Clinical Research & Development
  • Strategic Planning & Implementation
  • Team Leadership & Training
  • Healthcare Protocols & Guidelines
  • Patient Education & Treatment
  • Time & Change Management
  • Workload Prioritization & Management
  • Problem Identification & Resolution
  • Risk Assessment & Mitigation
  • Effective Decision Making
  • Staff Training and Supervision
  • Patient and Family Education
  • Patient Assessment and Diagnosis
  • Disease Prevention
  • Health Risk Reduction 

Day-to-day Job Duties of Registered Nurse

The day-to-day job duties of a Registered Nurse (RN) vary depending on the specific unit or department. Some common responsibilities of an RN in a hospital setting involves patient assessment, which include conducting thorough evaluations of patients to assess their health status and determine their nursing care needs.

Diagnostic testing: Assisting physicians with diagnostic tests, such as blood work and imaging studies, and interpreting the results.

Care planning: Developing individualized care plans for patients based on their assessment and diagnostic results.

Medication administration: Administering medications and monitoring patients for adverse reactions.

Monitoring and documenting patient progress: Regularly monitoring and documenting patients’ progress and making any necessary adjustments to their care plans.

Education and counseling: Providing patients and their families with information and education about their health conditions, medications, and self-care practices.

Collaboration with interdisciplinary teams: Working closely with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare professionals to coordinate and deliver high-quality patient care.

Documentation: Maintaining accurate and complete patient records and documenting all aspects of patient care.

Emergency response: Responding to medical emergencies, such as cardiac arrest, and initiating life-saving interventions as necessary.

Supervision: Supervising and directing the work of other healthcare professionals, such as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and nursing assistants.

Here Are Few Real-Time Examples of Job Description

·       Observe patients before, during, and after therapy in order to their status and report it to physical therapist.

·       Deliver exceptional facilitation to customers in performing exercises as part of the plan of care.

·       Utilize variety of techniques, such as massage and stretching to ensure proper treatment of patients.

·       Execute physical therapy interventions under a plan of care written by a physical therapist.

·       Organize and manage therapy interventions utilizing techniques and skills as appropriate for the patient population.

·       Enhance end-user experience on electronic medical records while delivering feedback on improving workflow.

·       Facilitate to troubleshooting process of bugs with end-user experience during go-live.

·       Submit support tickets to improve end user experience and outcomes.

·       Coordinate activities of physical therapy aides, students, and other support personnel.

·       Obtain and maintain patients’ personal information and updating medical histories.

·       Conduct treatments under the direct supervision of licensed physical therapists, such as massage therapy and electric muscle stimulation.

·       Support physical therapist with complicated treatments, as well as assisting patients with physical activities.

·       Provide physical support for patients or residents with daily activities and personal hygiene, including bathing, dressing, getting out of bed, using the toilet, walking, standing, or exercising.

·       Ensure patients consume appropriate diet by reviewing their dietary restrictions, food allergies, and preferences.

·       Attain wide range of information from physicians, caregivers, and nurses about patient conditions, treatment plans, and suggested activities.

·       Lead all facets related to respiratory/renal medicines, cardiology, oncology through proper planning and collaboration with cross-functional teams, while delivering compassionate care to all patients.

·       Examine patients’ health conditions on daily basis adhere to set care plans and report to consultant in emergency.

·       Direct and deliver leadership guidance and oversee care for patients with acute medical problems to ensure delivery of highest quality care.

·       Cultivate and retain trusted relationships with physicians, researchers, and clinicians referred to as key opinion leaders at hospitals and related healthcare professionals.

·       Generate reports and discuss with departmental head to overcome core risks and issues.

·       Deliver exceptional services to patients and staff from admission to discharge by serving as first point of contact across cardiology, respiratory/renal medicine, and oncology departments.

·       Interact with patients and potential stakeholders to identify basic needs.

·       Prepare comprehensive list regarding coronary angiogram and revenant investigations as essential for patient’s health condition.

·       Pinpoint and address emergency and downturns situations by proactively reviewing patient status.

·       Coordinate with patients and families to offer appropriate information regarding treatment and ongoing care requirements.

·       Steer Intensive and Cardiac Care Unit wards (ICU & CCU) as well as ambulatory care plans.

·       Collaborate with colleagues, patients, immediate superior, and relevant medical teams for seamless execution of day-to-day operational activities.

·       Offer end-to-end nursing services to an authorized provider of COVID-19 testing.

·       Implement robust procedures to maintain an optimal oversight of 20+ pharmacies delivering COVID-19 testing service.

·       Devise and deploy robust policies to confirm compliance with quality control guidelines.

·       Deliver exceptional in-patient and telehealth counseling to patients.

·       Collaborate cross-functionally with several labs to prioritize delivery of outstanding patient results.

·       Assess emergency room patients of different age groups varying from infants to elderly with diverse medical needs.

·       Conduct in-depth analysis of patient conditions based on vital signs, patient presentation, and initial assessment.

·       Observe, document, evaluate, and address all assessment findings, reported symptoms, and changes in conditions of patients.

·       Oversee ventilated patients and communicated clinical changes to assigned physician(s).

·       Ensure strict adherence to prescriptions issued by physician/physician’s assistant, while injecting IV medications, involving Cardizem, Insulin, Nitroglycerin, antibiotics, and pain relievers.

·       Aid in planning and development of new triage process to increase efficiency.

·       Manage care under set contact, droplet, and airborne precautions.

·       Observe vital signs/blood sugars and reported critical results to RNs and MDs.

·       Transport patients to and from test rooms, including MRI, CT scan, ultrasound, and X-ray.

·       Process patient in-take in triage. Performed venipuncture and EKG’s.

·       Plan, organize, and deliver excellent peer-peer education, consultation, and training material across health care and nursing sector to staff.

·       Engage and collaborate to uncover and discuss the learner’s needs in order to meet and exceed set objectives.

·       Leverage excellent teaching methods/techniques in coaching sessions to facilitate exploring of best evidence-based practices.

·       Conduct regular reviews and provide feedback on all assignments completed.

·       Delegate nursing care assignments leveraging right person for the right job approach.

·       Oversee patients of different age groups varying from infants to elderly with multiple medical needs.

·       Assess and monitored high risk obstetrical patients for fetal and maternal well-being.

·       Conduct in-depth analysis of patient conditions based on vital signs, patient presentation, and initial assessment.

·       Observe, document, evaluate, and address all assessment findings, reported symptoms, and changes in conditions of patients.

·       Audit medical record on daily basis to ensure utmost quality assurance.

·       Act as the main point of contact for patient assessment, admission and discharge, and investigation, along with management planning.

·       Conduct patient evaluation and diagnosis while working closely with colleagues to develop treatment plans on a variety of cases.

·       Maintain list of coronary angiogram and other investigation necessary for patient’s condition.

·       Monitor patient status and promptly responded to downturns and emergency situations.

·       Provide regular consultation when requested by other departments to effectively manage care plans.

·       Guide, coach, and lead junior medical staff, students, and nurses across formal and informal settings.

·       Collaborate with the department head to discuss and resolve issues.

·       Administer admission and discharge planning, while keeping patients informed of diagnosis and ongoing care requirements.

·       Participate in several clinical and staff meetings.

Example Accomplishments or Achievements of Registered Nurse:

·       Engaged with interdisciplinary staff for documentation review on electronic health records, meetings, phone calls with families, trainings with patients and staff, while volunteering for team projects and providing feedback as per requirement to boost team output and productivity.

·       Served as a Transfer Mobility Coach, to oversee orthopedic and surgical patients.

·       Partnered with nursing department to fulfill patient requirements, as well as utilized computer system to look up patient records / document or relay information as needed.

·       Planned and organized medical research and documented essential findings within clinical notes in stringent deadlines.

·       Identified and proposed individualized training to nurses, junior staff, and students to uplift performance.

·       Supervised overall assigned patients handed over by previous shift registrar with aim of maintaining world-class care via implementation of informed decisions as per requirements.

·       Completed all assigned tasks within agreed timelines, while performing in Port Macquarie Base, Albury Wodonga, Griffith Base, and Coffs Harbor Hospitals across diverse locations.

·       Evaluated and monitored progress of COVID patients by organizing patient assessment and diagnosis in close interaction with colleagues for development of accurate treatment plans towards wide range of cases.

·       Communicated with COVID-19 patients during current global pandemic  by completing training in associated field.

·       Evaluated status and established robust diagnosis plans as well as consulted colleagues on wide range of cases with key focus on developing optimal care plans by actively attending in/outpatient clinical meetings.

·       Led consultation on routine basis requested by departments to assure implementation of proper administration plans.

·       Assured delivery of world-class quality care as per established local and state regulations.

·       Oversaw and diagnosed vulnerable patients that face electrolyte deficiency, spinal cord compression, and infection diseases.

·       Headed bone marrow transplant, Gastroscopy, colonoscopy, and ERCP.

·       Reviewed and interpreted diagnostic test results within EPCI EMR.

·       Optimized workflow and monitoring by liaising with key pharmacy technicians.

·       Attained Employee of the month award.

·       Nominated for the nurse excellence award.

·       Engaged with patient and their family members going through stress, shock, or grief.

·       Adhered to acute care protocols while delivering nursing care to critically ill patients.

·       Confirmed safe and expedient transfer of patients presenting with stemi to the Cath Lab for further evaluation.

·       Liaised with doctors and emergency room staff during assessment, planning, and application of patient treatment.

·       Conducted simple, noninvasive procedures, such as, visual acuity, orthostatic vital signs,urine analysis, and pregnancy test.

·       Offered support to physicians and RNs with various procedures, involving preparation of necessary medical equipment for trauma patients, lumbar punctures, and gynecological exams.

Relevant Certifications:

Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA): Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy (FSBPT)

Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

CPR & AED for Healthcare Provider, American Heart Association

Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) Certified, AMC Certificate

Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, State of PA

ANCC Family Nurse Practitioner

Registered Nurse, State of PA

Pediatric Advanced Life Support, American Heart Association

Advanced Cardiac Life Support, American Heart Association

Basic Life Support, American Heart Association

Dunn CPR,

National Certified Anger Manager Specialist-II

Certified Legal Nurse Consultant