Construction Manager


Highly skilled and OSHA certified professional with substantial experience in commercial construction, project management, and carpentry. Proven track record of leading projects from start to end, building and managing project teams, analyzing and addressing operational issues, and ensuring efficient and high-quality work. Demonstrated history across high rise, steel/wood stud, and tenant improvement projects. Possess in-depth knowledge of fire codes, sound transmission, positive pressure, and ADA requirements. Proven success in project/site controllership, procurement and contract management, stakeholder engagement, risk mitigation, and accident/incident investigation. Known for strategic project realignment to meet core objectives with delivery within budget constraints and in time. Skilled in developing and maintaining consistent and realistic plans and control structures for projects and submitting comprehensive reports to senior management.

Accomplished and results-driven professional with extensive years of experience leading several facets of mining and civil construction, ensuring achievement of most challenging objectives with unequalled success. Possesses strong analytical, technical, and problem solving skills with ability to work in multicultural environments, remote areas, and difficult conditions/terrains. Demonstrated history in supervising design, management, and construction of quarries, mines, and large excavations for hydroelectric and road projects. Excel at using explosives in line with set safety standards, while controlling induced vibrations. Expert in stabilization works of excavation slopes leveraging ground nailing, shotcrete, and rock bolting techniques.

Highly analytical and results-oriented professional with extensive experience in project planning, scheduling, and controlling oil and gas construction field sites to deliver results meeting and exceeding set expectation within budgetary and time constraints.

  • Proven success in planning, developing, updating, and maintaining project schedules in line with set requirement.
  • Instrumental leader; consistently recognized for outstanding performance and willingness to go the extra mile to achieve clients’ satisfaction and meet contract requirements.
  • Visionary thought leader committed to provide exceptional planning, scheduling, and controlling services, whilst ensuring profitability, mitigating risk, and planning ahead to resolve complex issues while ensuring compliance with set guidelines.
  • Expert at utilizing interpersonal communication to build and maintain professional relationships with stakeholders at all levels.

Accomplished and highly-analytical professional with substantial experience in project and interface management across all disciplines (civil, structural, mechanical, and E&I) for refineries, gas plants, storage facilities, shopping centers, multi-story office blocks, wine cellars, golf courses, and commercial/residential developments ensuring successful handover within set time frame and budget. Instrumental leader with winning mentality and highly transferable skillset to penetrate new markets.

  • Excel at devising and deploying effective methodologies, efficient processes, and value-added information. 
  • Strategic and consummate leader with track record of identifying and capitalizing opportunities to reduce cost.
  • Adept at overseeing all onsite and offsite operation to ensure compliance with construction and safety specifications and code.
  • Visionary thought leader committed to provide exceptional service, whilst ensuring profitability, mitigating risk, and planning ahead to resolve problems. 
  • Proven success steering safety, quality, value engineering, baseline scheduling, cost controlling/forecasting, contract/change negotiations, and project closeouts for several projects ranged in value to a magnitude of $ 550M.
  • Demonstrated history of heading small to large scale installations projects across Industrial/infrastructure projects, and, commercial/residential buildings including E&I, Gas Turbine, Piping, pipe racks, shelters, storage tanks, and skids.

Areas of Expertise in Construction Management

Commercial Construction Management

Staff Training & Leadership

Construction Health & Safety Compliance

Construction Project Management

Quality Assurance & Control

Risk Assessment & Mitigation

Reporting & Documentation

Cross-team Collaboration

Cost Control & Reduction

Regulatory Compliance

Contract Negotiations

Relationship Building

Construction Operations

Health & Safety Compliance

Mining Operations 

Productivity Improvement

Project Management

Large-Scale & High-Budget Projects

Strategy Development & Execution

Multi-unit Operations Management

Team Leadership & Development

Complex Problem Resolution

Excavation Operations

Continuous Process Improvement

Project Planning & Scheduling 

Strategic Leadership

Stakeholder Management

Cross-functional Collaboration

Budgeting & Cost Reduction

Installation Oversight & Workflow planning  

Process Improvement

HSE Compliance Assurance

Strategy Development & Execution

Budgeting & Cost Reduction

Project Management

Relationship Management

Team Leadership & Development

Strategic Leadership

Stakeholder Management

Interface Management

Repair & Maintenance

Process Improvement

HSE Compliance Assurance

Project Budget management

Strategy Development & Execution


Job Description of Construction Manager

Construction managers oversee day-to-day activities related to construction field operations in order to ensure on time completions of projects.

They adherence to company policies and procedures across safety, scheduling, budget, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Constructions management includes supervision of contractors in several areas of project to enforce high safety standards including clean job site, as well as perform weekly safety inspections.

Inspect quality of work for compliance with design standard and take corrective action where necessary.

Organize, coordinate, and oversee all job site partners including, subcontractors, elder carpenters, and laborers. 

Coordinate and manage general work conditions and project logistics. 

Review details with subcontractors to ensure work is in compliance with documented plan.

Construction managers assure construction completion as per blueprints and scope of work.

Perform all functions associated execution of commercial carpentry projects. 

Carry-out various carpentry tasks, such as framing, hanging and finishing drywall, installing doors, rough framing, and siding.

Build and repair cabinets, doors, frameworks, floors, and wooden fixtures used in buildings by using woodworking machines, hand tools, and power tools. 

Perform renovations, restorations, and repairs, including framing, sheathing, cornice, additions, drywall, kitchens, baths, windows, doors, and trim. 

Manage all phases of tile flooring, walls, and tiled surfaces. Constructed, installed, and repaired wooden structures and fixtures.

Execute routine facets involved in installation of doors, jambs, fabrication, casings, paneling, baseboards, crown molding, coffered ceilings, and radius moldings. 

Oversee diverse facets of sales and installations of doors, frames, moldings, windows, hardware, cabinets, and weather-strip for commercial residential applications.

Head day-to-day activities related to general construction, including light framing, drywall, plumbing, and electrical for residential, retail, commercial, and office buildings.

Direct all activities related to efficient execution of excavation and stabilization work of rocky slopes at hydroelectric project located at Koysha around 350 KM southwest of capital of Ethiopia.

Head various operations associated with construction of canal for river diversion and excavation of dam foundation, power station, spillway, electrical substations, and maneuvering yard.

Drive technical-economic optimization of production cycles. Oversaw valorisation of raw materials and management of environmental restoration works of current mining activities. 

Lead routine functions involved in execution of rock excavation for power-house and dam foundation at Gibe 3 hydroelectric project, located at 300 KM south west of Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa.

Direct day-to-day rock excavation activities for construction of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dam and open-air power plant consisting of 10 Francis turbines with total installed power generation of 1,870 MW and expected yearly energy output of 6,500 GWh.

Execute overall activities related to receiving, maintaining, and storing of products.

Administer end-to-end operations involved in processing of sales data leveraging computerized cash register system for billing accuracy.

Utilize product knowledge to deliver valid and complete information aiding customers in making right selections.

Engage with customers to provide support and manage time/territory by utilizing sales training. 

Spearhead day-to-day activities related to management of reports and presentations. 

Direct functions surrounding deployment and maintenance of project schedules, budgets, and work progress within time-frame.

Execute overall cost estimation techniques to successfully bid and met client satisfaction by uncovering job details and cost breakdown.

Observe improvement in performance of reports, invoices, and presentation by deploying new formats across subcontractors. 

Supervise several facets of projects performance to ensure delivery of products within budget and time constraints.

Direct several facets involved in correction of WBS, PMS, and time schedule. 

Review and analyzed project schedules, budgets, and work progress, as well as verification plans and commissioning of sub plans.

Scrutinize operations surrounding subcontractor invoices to ensure efficient execution of cost control and cash flow.

Steer several facets involved in presenting accurate actions on the supply chain.

Perform day-to-day functions relating to maintenance and scheduling of several construction projects to ensure smooth work flow.

Direct end-to-end function involved in planning, development, implementation, and management of project scope, including estimates, budgets, and schedules.

Steer overall activities associated with construction planning, material sourcing, and staff scheduling for multiple simultaneous jobs ensuring right person for right job to optimize working efficiency. 

Lead high-performing cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary teams overseeing seamless execution of day-to-day operations.

Engage and collaborate cross-functionally with stakeholders to negotiate subcontractor/vendor scope, material estimates, and pricing take-offs to confirm competitive bidding processes and monitor the performance of subcontractors.

Head effective management of projects from conception to completion within budgetary and time constraints.

Manage the interfaces with other contractors, vendors, subcontractors, and clients.

Conduct regular review and analysis of reports, metrics, and trends to uncover and mitigate project related risk and potential losses. 

Oversee development and deployment of robust policies and best industry practices to ensure utmost health, environment, and safety compliance with set legal/regulatory guidelines. 

Accomplishments of Construction Managers

Conducted daily site inspections to assure quality and timely completion.

Ensured safe work environment by holding safety training and enforcing safety policies.

Anticipated and identified project issues and risks, while providing recommended solutions.

Scheduled, instructed, motivated, and inspected quality of job performed by subcontractors.

Supervised all procedures, techniques, tools, materials, and equipment to meet all specifications.

Installed high quality ADA applications for commercial clients.

Utilized power tools, hand tools, and several auxiliary instruments to craft wood projects.

Examined and inspected work progress, equipment, and construction sites to verify safety and specifications are in line with set requirements.

Served as lead Carpenter on multiple projects.

Designed and executed projects involving wood crown molding.

Designed and executed projects involving complex ceilings, walls, and radiused openings.

Administered scheduling of jobs, including coordinating multiple contracts with construction companies, suppliers, and subcontractors.

Installed products such as baseboards, trim, windows, doors, stair railings, cabinetry, decking, and flooring.

Administered various end-to-end facets such as production of raw materials for aggregates, management of explosives storage, drilling materials, and permanent support materials.

Saved 10% in operating cost by improving production cycles.

Simplified processing functions by evaluating, identifying, and developing technical solutions.

Established and maintained robust relations with management authorities and consultancy, research, and design companies by planning and conducting in-depth geological research to uncover and utilise new production sites.

Assured healthy improvement in professional relationship with multiple key stakeholders.

Oversaw operations involving rock excavation and consolidation of walls structures, as well as administered foundation of dam and power-house.

Enhanced productivity and reduced operating costs by simplifying production operations.

Ensured efficient execution of work progress, while confirming adherence to set compliance and safety regulations and guidelines.

Collaborated cross-functionally while maintaining professional relationship with construction managers and designers.

Aided in customers’ support to find related products by accommodating liquor requests.

Offered on-going support and customer services to meet requirements of customers across nations and cultures to maximize client’s satisfaction.

Devised and deployed several process involved in controlling/managing accuracy of P6 and PMS.

Uncovered problematic areas and proposed efficient solutions to reduce schedule impacts.

Led key functions for SIPC in the Iran-Ahwaz Yadavaran oil field with plant refining 124000 oil barrel per day.

Ensured various operations relating to WBS, reporting, time/cost management, and progress measurement by finalizing the project controls sections of the Project Execution Plan (PEP).

Established and implemented bi-weekly and monthly goals whilst planning and maintaining cost of loaded schedules to recommend projects’ changes.

Offered excellent services to OICO across Iran-Asaloyeh phase 17/18 gas refinery plant ( 1 billion cubic feet (28 million cubic meters) per day of natural gas, 40,000 barrels (6,400 m3) per day of condensate, 1500 tons of LPG per day plus 200 tons of sulfur per day.)

Executed in-depth analysis on several projects to meet set guidelines and SOP’s.

Defined and implemented followed up action plans to improve lead-times and bottlenecks, as well as examined project team members and procedures.

Created, deployed, and maintained schedules, graphs, and progress curves for key reports to meet client’s concerns.

Directed operations for SINOPEC in Iran-Ahwaz Yadavaran oil field with 480 Km pipeline between 44 wells and refinery plants.