Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Resume

CTO of an Organization

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) oversees the technical direction and leadership of an organization. They establish a technological vision for the company, as well as plan, develop, and implement strategies to achieve that vision.

Some specific responsibilities of a CTO may include:

  • Setting the technical direction and roadmap for the company
  • Managing the development of new products and services
  • Overseeing the implementation and maintenance of technology infrastructure
  • Monitoring industry trends and staying up-to-date on new technologies that may be useful to the company
  • Collaborating with other executives to align technology with business goals
  • Managing budgets and resources for technology projects
  • Hiring and training technical staff
  • Communicating technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders

Technical Skills of CTO

Technical skills are an important part of a CTO’s job. Some specific technical skills that a CTO may need include:

  • Deep understanding of software development: CTOs should be knowledgeable about a wide range of software development technologies and languages, and should be able to evaluate and select the most appropriate technologies for different projects.
  • Experience with system architecture: CTOs should have a strong understanding of system architecture and be able to design scalable, reliable, and secure systems.
  • Leadership and management skills: CTOs are often responsible for leading and managing teams of technical staff, so strong leadership and management skills are essential.
  • Communication skills: CTOs need to be able to communicate technical concepts to non-technical stakeholders, such as executives, business managers, and customers.
  • Problem-solving skills: CTOs should be able to identify and solve complex technical problems.
  • Project management skills: CTOs are often responsible for managing large-scale technology projects, so strong project management skills are important.
  • In addition to these technical skills, CTOs should also have strong business acumen and be able to align technology strategy with business goals.

CTO Summary

Accomplished and highly analytical professional with extensive experience leading all key facets associated with IT project management with keen focus surrounding fiber-optic networks deployment, ensuring optimal oversight and attainment of strategic vision.

Demonstrated history of excellence in leading network deployment programs for the expansion of connectivity in rural and urban areas. Expert at executing transformation projects from start to finish, preparing and implementing strategic business plans and control structures for projects, and guaranteeing completion within time and budget. Excel at defining organizational-wide objectives and KPIs whilst leading teams to achieve shared visions and goals. Articulate and refined communicator proficient in forging and nurturing professional relationships leveraging interpersonal communication skills.

Accomplished and technically minded executive with substantial experience in managing all facets of IT consultancy, project management, software development, and business process transformation ensuring optimal oversight and attainment of strategic vision.• Proven success in overseeing IT global process implementation, transformation, and complex application issues.

Skilled in mastering and learning new skills, techniques, and technologies as well as prioritizing and completing tasks within stringent deadlines to achieve company goals and targets.

Versatile and accomplished professional with extensive experience leading all key facets of technical management, telecom tower structural design, and team development, ensuring seamless execution and completion of projects within set time and budget.

Adept at training and leading high-performance teams to meet defined objectives, exceed set expectations, and optimize collective work efficiency. Expert at telecom structure design and engineering, supervision, and leading complete deployment life-cycle processes. Demonstrated history of excellence in project evaluation, cost estimation, research, analysis, and report generation. Excel at developing and sustaining trusted relations with clients, regulators, negotiators, auditors, and key stakeholders by leveraging interpersonal communication skills.

Accomplished professional with broad range of years of experience leading several facets of technical management, network/server administration, information analysis, and IT business development.

Adept at gathering requirements, defining scopes and setting robust project plans. Expert at training, mentoring, and leading multi-disciplinary IT teams to achieve set goals and objectives as well as maximum user satisfaction. Demonstrated history of heading projects from initiation to completions within budgetary and time constraints. Excel at determining and executing timeframes for major technical projects including system updates, migration of application software, and upgrade of operating systems. Adept at evaluating and conducting regular checks on network and data security operations for improvement of IT infrastructure. Proficient in analyzing business requirements by partnering with key stakeholders across multiple channels to develop solutions for information technology needs. Thrives in competitive and challenging markets and adapts to the ever-changing demands of industry.

Areas of Expertise

⦁ Fiber Optic Design & Construction

⦁ Aerial & Underground Network

⦁ Network Planning & Deployment

⦁ Strategic Planning & Execution

⦁ Health & Safety Compliance

⦁ Contracts Negotiations

⦁ Financial Acumen

⦁ Relationship Building

⦁ Project Planning & Execution

⦁ Organizational Transformation

⦁ Team Leadership & Development

⦁ Business Development & Optimization 

⦁ Cost Containment & Reduction

⦁ Continuous Process Improvement

⦁ Estimation & Forecasting

⦁ Software Development

⦁ IT Operations Management

⦁ Team Leadership & Staff Development

⦁ IT Resource Allocation & Management

⦁ Project Management

⦁ System Migration

⦁ Database Design & Administration

⦁ IT Strategy Planning & Implementation

⦁ Data Analysis

⦁ Relationship Management

⦁ On-going Technical Support

⦁ IT Complex Problem Resolution

⦁ Resource Allocation

⦁ Client & Server Networks

⦁ Network Configuration & Troubleshooting

⦁ Policy Development

⦁ Operating Systems

⦁ Prompt Incident Response

⦁ Recruitment & Onboarding

⦁ System Architecture

⦁ System Migrations & Integrations

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Job Description

Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) oversee or perform the job duties that may include, development and execution of strategies for advanced network deployments and technology platforms within rural and first nations communities. Lead end-to-end facets associated with design and deployment of multi-generational fiber optic networks throughout North America, while providing services across underserved regions and areas. Sustain strategic focus by transforming in response to technology developments and trends.

Oversee expansion of business growth and opportunities into new markets. Headed end-to-end facets involved in development and execution of strategic business plans and organization structure. Expand clientele via strategic business development, which resulted in expansion of program capacity to include self-perform civil construction team and re-created wireless division. Develop robust Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), risk assessments, and performance metrics.

Lead all contracts and personnel in geographic regions. Ensure uninterrupted services of inter-urban fiber optic mainlines and wireless networks. Develop and encourage culture of inclusivity, safety, quality, and ethical compliance as per employees’ and customers’ needs. Confirm expansion of company portfolio into Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) model.

Ensure continuous business expansion and growth in market by developing robust business plans. Expand company from six to 36 employees organically, while offering end-to-end business services. Develop robust processes, workflow structures, tracking tools, and safety policies. Conducted financial modelling and forecasting for Dycom (NYSE) reporting.

Head operations of open access dark fiber networking across British Columbia. Interconnect ILEC, CLEC, and private carrier networks with carrier neutral platform by planning and developing open access fiber optic networks. Establish price modelling, lease rates, and IRU agreements. 

Deliver day-to-day technical support to senior members and other consultants, involving systems integration, business intelligence domains, ETL, virtualization, DWH design, visualization, data management, big data, and cloud data. Oversee routine facets associated with data warehousing leveraging Snowflake, Redshift, and BigQuery. Ensure absolute growth of organization by delivering services for most advanced technical problems. Head end-to-end functions related to technical consultancy across Todd Snyder, Electronic Arts, Walmart, JCopper Cow Coffee, and Expedia.

Lead a high-performance agile scrum team to ensure attainment of collective goals and targets. Steer various facets involved in University’s data virtualization with Denodo administration.

CTO assistance in enterprise integration to fortune 500 customers by utilizing WSO2 middleware, while troubleshooting and diagnosing through Wireshark and JFR tools. Spearheaded end-to-end functions related to API Manager and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architecture.

Administer routine facets involved in management of Electronic Document Interchange (EDI) systems. Leverage standard formats, encompassing ANSI X12, SOAP, and EDIFACT. Oversee routine purchase orders and invoices. Determined and executed Mule Enterprise Service Bus ESB. 

Code multiple ad-hoc applications for inventory management, as well as administered MySQL databases, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and Medicaid Management Information Systems (MMIS).

Oversee development of Key Point Indicators (KPIs) for financial, operational, and sales goals. Head end-to-end functions associated with management of third-party vendors and client IT teams to deliver solutions effectively and efficiently. Ensure in time delivery of solutions related to client queries. Lead technical teams to design and deploy cloud implementations, as well as conduct analysis, development, and implementation by using Microsoft Azure for enterprise applications. Devise and deploy IT strategies and infrastructure policies. Respond to complex client inquiries while maintaining professional relationship. Delivered exceptional support to several customers such as Johnson & Johnson, Picodi, Unicard, and Slovnaft Cracow’s main bus station. Supervise and lead team of 20 professionals, reporting directly. Head of Technology may also steer and manage outsourcing of multiple high-performance teams for delivery of end-to-end IT transformations and solutions to external customers. Direct server infrastructure support teams to establish and implement various processes. Delivered routine facets associated with efficient management of Fortinet Unified Threat Management (UTM) to improve overall network security and performance. Steer technical teams to manage hundreds of servers and network devices for thousands of customers.

Achievements or Accomplishments

● Achieved 92% of approval rating in employee engagement survey during past five years.

● Devised and developed business model for deployment of 350 KM long haul network.

● Supervised high-performance team on a four-year program with $240M budget.

● Streamlined Operational Build Services (OBS) program to enhance revenue from $18M annually to $22M, while reducing overhead costs by 3% and indirect costs by 6%, which resulted in total annual savings of $400K.

● Reduced costs and carbon emissions by 50% and improved revenue by 20% through development of innovative work force plans and processes for single tech truck roll on splice only projects.

● Enhanced company growth by 40% and decreased costs up to 30% by reducing overhead by developing proof of concept and financial modeling.

● Devised and deployed wired and wireless networks.

● Confirmed optimization of infrastructure assets to meet financial goals.

● Delivered end-to-end connectivity to rural and urban communities through collaboration with government and community networks, reducing digital divide.

● Promoted and implemented safety, environmental, and quality culture. (TRIF 0.49)

● Supervised high-performance team of ten directors and two general managers across Canada generating annual revenue of $60M.

● Expanded company from 6 to 162 employees in first 8 months and to 600 employees nationally in 1.5 years.

● Improved revenue from $50M to $150M annually in first 2 years.

● Conducted budget analysis on OPEX and capital projects, while overseeing P&L and earned revenue.

● Executed operations related to estimation of RFP and RFQ responses for new business.

● Planned and engineered 2000 KM new underground and aerial infrastructure.

● Conducted budget and cost analysis on OPEX and capital projects.

• Developed custom “Looker” visualization by utilizing JavaScript.

• Coded “Looker” content migration application within two days.

• Steered a team that won Looker JOIN Hackathon, 2019 – Best Hack.

• Won Looker JOIN Hackathon, 2020 – Nearly Best Hack.

• Closed deal between Google and Mapistry by resolving issues related to embedding “Looker” visuals into product.

• Delivered exceptional support to 60+ organizations with various business intelligence projects, including startups, governments contractors, and large retailers.

• Established API Microservices with Spring Boot, Spring MVC, Spring Cloud, and Spring Data. 

• Planned, organized, and delivered various trainings in JavaScript, Denodo, and Tableau.

• Deployed Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) patterns, as well as trained customers in SOA.

• Delivered robust 24/7 troubleshooting support across halted and failed business processes. 

• Provided end-to-end assistance involved in transaction processing through network and security analysis. 

• Implemented automated business processes. 

• Devised and executed Design and implement computer-based training. 

• Developed crystal reports and multi-level sub-reports.

• Achieved Microsoft Silver Partnership.

• Oversaw projects related to migration of Microsoft Office 365 products.

• Headed implementation and management of virtualisation clusters, storage devices, and backup systems, as well as administration of Microsoft Active Directory (AD).

• Led IT outsourcing projects involving 50 regular customers, as well as implemented Microsoft Azure based solutions by heading DevOps team.

• Executed routine production and development administration VMware virtualization stack with zero customer impact.

• Headed computing teams to support Apache CloudStack cloud for various customers.

• Enhanced external customer service based on Jira Software by managing helpdesk management systems.

• Devised, deployed, configured, and integrated Cisco and Fortinet technology for customer networks.

• Recommended robust procedures and guidelines to resolve complex problems and mitigate risks by briefing executive team on technology risks.

• Diagnosed and mitigated complex network issues by developing and utilising issue resolution approaches.


Technical Proficiencies & Certifications

Certificate in Telecom Management

Certificate in Indigenous Connectivity Summit

Finance Acumen Certificate

Fiber Optic, Design, Installation, & Maintenance Certificate

The Heart and Science of Leadership Certificate

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Certificate


Looker, Tableau, Snowflake, BigQuery, Redshift, DBT, MySQL, Postgres, JavaScript, Visual Basic, Unix Shell Scripts, Wireshark, Java, Spring Boot, Python, Webpack, React, Redux, Python, Apache Tomcat & AcitveMQ, Docker, Mule ESB, IBM B2B Integrator, Informatica, Denodo, Nginx, Oracle, WSO2 Middleware Suite

Cisco CCNA, 2012

Cisco CCNP – In Progress 

Cisco A-SDW-APPEXP 2021

Cisco A-SDW-DATPLN 2021

Cisco A-SDW-START 2021

Cisco CUST-SDA-FUND 2021

Cisco CUST-SDA-ISE 2021 

Cisco SD-WAN (A-SDW-BRSEC) 2021

Qualified IT Specialist, 2013

Fortinet NSE4 – In Progress 

Linux Certified Administrator, 2018

Microsoft Azure Administrator – In Progress 

Cisco Certified Specialist – Enterprise Advanced Infrastructure Implementation