Chief Operating Officer (COO) Sample Resume

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Profile Summaries

Profile Summary of Chief Operating Officer in Renewable Energy

Versatile and results-driven professional with career marked with documented achievements, proven track record of success, and substantial experience leading all facets of  business development, project management, processes & procedures improvements, and business enhancement for top-tier organizations across renewable industry.

Accomplished and dedicated professional with versatile experience in various facets of leading field operations, business operations enhancement, processes development, and technical services across oil, gas, and renewable energy. Proven success in planning and developing policies and procedures for efficient on-site installation, testing, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Demonstrated history of training, leading, and motivating teams to attain collective vision. Articulate and refined communicator; excel at developing professional relationships with clients, peers, subordinates, and senior leadership to provide sustainable business solutions. Expert in developing and implementing robust strategies, roadmaps, and plans to optimize working efficiency.

COO in Banking Qualification Summary

Highly analytical and goal-focused professional with substantial experience steering C-level operations, program management, business transformation, and financial/regulatory compliance assurance for top-tier organizations.

Strong background in staff development and supervision; establish, lead, and motivate high-performing teams committed to achieving collective goals and shared vision. Adept at strategically using in-depth industry and accounting knowledge to solve complex business problems, allocate resources, and achieve financial/regulatory compliance goals. Strategic and consummate leader, expert at streamlining processes, improving efficiency, achieving desired results, and providing technology based financial solutions. Possess in-depth knowledge and working understanding of delivering financial crime compliance education, training, policy, and systems development. Proven success uncovering gaps/risk exposures across business and developing/implementing strong systems of checks-and-balances. Articulate and refined communicator proficient in forging and nurturing professional relationships utilizing interpersonal communication skills


Director of Operations in Manufacturing Summary

Resourceful executive with substantial experience directing global manufacturing innovation and excellence, establishing and implementing leading-edge initiatives and solutions; performing internationally for Samsung Plants in Korea, Vietnam, Russia, USA/Mexico, and India.

Multi-cultural professional skilled in creating operational excellence models and lean/OpEx operating systems, planning and executing lean six sigma and cultural change programmes, and transforming manufacturing sites through implementation of lean and six sigma methodologies. Solid history of success in developing and delivering process improvement techniques, enhancing shareholder value and product quality, and building culture of continuous improvement. Adept at lean manufacturing and six sigma process improvements, business performance optimisation, project planning and execution, and production management. Performance driven leader with proven expertise in building and leading teams to achieve shared visions and goals, whileestablishing proper governance and roadmap to accelerate transformation of operations. 


Areas of Expertise and Skills of Chief Operating Officer (COO)

⦁ Business Operations Management 

⦁ Team Leadership & Staff Development 

⦁ Continuous Process Improvements

⦁ Health & Safety Guidelines

⦁ Resource Management 

⦁ Customer Needs & Consumer Insights 

⦁ Strategy Planning Implementation

⦁ Businesses Development

⦁ Renewable Energy

⦁ Cost Containment & Reduction

⦁ Complex Problem Resolution

⦁ AML (Anti Money Laundering)  

⦁ Corporate Accounting & Finance 

⦁ Stakeholders’ Management

⦁ Cross-functional Collaboration

⦁ Risk Assessment & Management

⦁ KYC (Know Your Customer) 

⦁ Continuous Process Improvements 

⦁ Policy Planning & Implementation

⦁ Portfolio & Partnership Management

⦁ CDD (Customer Due Diligence)

⦁ People Management

⦁ Event Management

⦁ Regulatory Compliance 

⦁ Manufacturing & Production Management

⦁ Production & Assembly Operations

⦁ Engineering Design & Development

⦁ Manufacturing Process Monitoring

⦁ Lean Six Sigma Implementation

⦁ Continuous Process Improvement

⦁ Cost Control & Reduction

⦁Risk Assessment & Mitigation

⦁ Automation & Innovation

⦁ Quality Assurance & Control

⦁ Stakeholder Engagement

⦁ Health & Safety Compliance

COO Job Description or Day-to-day Job Duties

⦁ Chief Operating Officer (COO) oversee day-to-day activities related to management of renewable energy portfolio, comprising of 500 MW wind and 450 MW solar renewable plants. 

⦁ Devise and execute short/long term O&M strategies, organizational structure, operational processes, and procedures. 

⦁ Confirm absolute integration and alignment by implementing industry best practices and procedures. 

⦁ Ensure absolute portfolio performance by executing robust common asset management and operations framework.

⦁ Manage end-to-end facets related to operational management of Veolia Energy Varna, comprising 170,000 employees across 48 countries with yearly revenue of over €29B.

⦁ Direct routine functions associated with water, waste, and energy management.  

⦁ Chief Operating Officer (COO) manage overall operations of district heating plant/network with 45/10 MW thermal/electrical capacity, 32 km network, 12,700 connected condominium flats, 66 GWh annual electricity sales, and 65 GWh annual heat sales.

⦁ Steer routine facets related to asset management, contracts administration, and wind power operations.

⦁ Chief Operating Officer (COO) supervise teams maintaining wind power plant in-line with set corporate policies and business objectives.

⦁ Head high-performance team to resolve overall regulatory, commercial, technical, operational and, maintenance issues with keen focus on safety, plant availability, and performance excellence. 

⦁ Direct all internal/external processes and stakeholders’ engagement in diverse environment across expanding renewable industry.

⦁ Administer all functions associated to efficient partnering with senior leadership to support the 5 year transformational growth strategy to deliver top level service to internal/external clients while operating within risk profile guidelines. 

⦁ Oversee processes related to underwriting, supporting staff, supervising work flow, and ensuring requirements are met and exceeded in line with set policy.

⦁ Chief Operating Officer (COO) collaborate cross-functionally with senior management, peers, and subordinate staff across firm to maintain effective flow on communication.

⦁ Develop, deploy, and control budgets/expenses.

⦁ Lead planning and implementation of customized initiatives to ensure excellent maintenance of credit quality and active account relationships. 

⦁ Direct all activities surrounding development and deployment of AML/Sanctions Global Standards (GS) program to address key issues/challenges faced in embedding of key financial crime risk controls across customer lifecycle. 

⦁ Head a high-performance team overseeing end-to-end functions surrounding Know Your Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML), sanctions policies, quality control, technology/process implementation, and client exit management.

⦁ Facilitate collaborative working relationship with key compliance and business stakeholders in multiple countries, including North America and Latin America. 

⦁ Serve as a liaison to executive level stakeholders, regulators, and bank appointed monitor while confirming optimal compliance with GS Program. 

⦁ Lead all facets surrounding planning and execution of CMB infrastructure/initiatives to ensure all system and process implementations met regulatory, HSBC Group, and executive management requirements for credit and compliance risk assessment.

⦁ Establish and managed de novo remediation team of 225+ staff members.

⦁ Chief Operating Officer (COO) develop and maintain professional relationships with senior executives and external consultants. 

⦁ Direct installation of a manufacturing plant, production lines for LED TVs, displays, monitors, and LED TV panels, as well as The wall, Flip TVs, touch-screen TVs, outdoor displays, and game monitors. 

⦁ Steer industrial innovation and factory automation operations, including the deployment of production lines, testing and inspection equipment, and line automation. 

⦁ Enhance line efficiency & yield and modernised production lines for new products annually in Samsung’s world-class manufacturing designs leading to Product, Process innovation. 

⦁ Employ robots, auto-test equipment, vision systems, and Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV).

⦁ Conduct Global Mobility Training Program by Samsung Electronics, Korea. 

⦁ Chief Operating Officer (COO) head overall operations of diverse departments including global technology centre, manufacturing engineering, production technology in Suwon consumer electronics complex, and Gwangju home appliances manufacturing complex to ensure maximum efficiency and improvements.

⦁ Oversee and manage cell line productivity improvement, new cell line design for LCD/LED TVs and LCD/LED, as well as controlled complete spectrum of sizes from 14″ to 75″. 

⦁ Spearhead quality systems implementation, six sigma projects, ISO certification, and Pro3M, 5S-3R for productivity improvement for daily line production 2 ~ 3K for different sizes. 

⦁ Visit various international locations of Samsung Plants across Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Thailand, Malaysia, China, and Korea. 

⦁ Engage in training of Global  Executive Course in Samsung Leadership Centre in 2014. 

Achievements or Accomplishments

⦁ Led, trained, and mentored high-performance team of 120 members.

⦁ Enhanced wind site capacity form 200MW to portfolio of multiple sites with installed capacity of 950 MW, resulted in increased assets and O&M activities.

⦁ Saved 2% on main fuel costs, as well as introduced Veolia Energy Varna in alternative gas market.

⦁ Delivered exceptional services to enhance current DHN network and client base by 20%, while increasing efficiency of services and client satisfaction.

⦁ Devised, developed, and oversaw asset management and O&M activities across newly established 156 MW wind power plant for AES Corporation.

⦁ Established commercial closing team to provide better controls/process efficiencies.

⦁ Assumed ownership for streamlining credit forms to reduce touch points and rework.

⦁ Steered KYC annual account review process for Commercial Bank and completed without exception. 

⦁ Devised and deployed robust processes to confirm timely underwriting of credit packages for existing account and new business proposals.

⦁ Developed and implanted de novo program for the Bank regarding the Payroll Protection Program within seven days and issued over 240 loans to Banks’ customers. 

⦁ Led organizational design program to improve credit and operational process efficiencies and reduce relationship managers’ time spent on customer by 15%.

⦁ Acted as key point of escalation to identify/address variety of potential anomalies encountered during the course of either the approval or maintenance of loan/client relationship

⦁ Set KPIs and monitored progress against program deliverables to ensure achievement of targeted output.

⦁ Steered management of regional governance framework and related operational controls for the GS portfolio of programs. 

⦁ Communicated, enabled, and mobilized the Commercial Bank (CMB) training activity to confirm seamless execution of GS day-to-day responsibilities. 

⦁ Offered exceptional leadership support in closure of bank-related Financial Crime Consent Orders, leading to substantial reduction in fines/expenses.

⦁ Enabled greater production capacity by moving low value tasks away from sales staff.

⦁ Administered Know Your Customer Remediation effort for CMB across United States. 

⦁ Headed planning, development, and deployment of a new product (Receivables Finance) in CMB.

⦁ Yielded 10%+ increase in sales capacity by developing/deploying appropriate technology and utilizing both on- and off-shore resources.

⦁ Certified Six-Sigma Black Belt, Certified ISO 9000 Lead Auditor; equipped with exposure in Lean Manufacturing, managing Six-Sigma implementation, quality management, process quality control, and process innovation.

⦁ Expertise in performing set-up of manufacturing lines, installing machines, test and inspection of equipment and spearheading modification of production lines for new products, productivity/ quality improvements.

⦁ Excel at planning and steering management of modernization, capacity expansion projects, monitoring projects with respect to cost, resource deployment, time over-runs, quality compliance, and ensuring timely project delivery.

⦁ Boosted productivity, improved ergonomics, increased quality, and enhanced yield by formulating and realising Automation & Process Innovation system.

⦁ Accelerated pace of production lines by applying Lean Manufacturing, Samsung Manufacturing Systems Implementation, Por3M, 5S-3R, Kaizen, and Poka-Yoke.

⦁ Increased over 20% productivity and around 30% total production capacity annually by applying approaches.

⦁ Earned Highest Productivity Award from Samsung Korea for 2017 & 2019.

⦁ Headed manufacturing innovation T/F team for Global Innovation day held in Samsung Vietnam 2018.

⦁ Established innovation lines for game monitors for worldwide export from Vietnam plant.

⦁ Facilitated design and implementation of manufacturing processes for a new manufacturing plant in Vietnam as part of Samsung Vietnam Global T/F Team in Korea.

⦁ Attained overall experience from global headquarter to support overseas plants and deploying manufacturing support to various overseas plants.

⦁ Set up washing machine line and equipment for W/Mc Production in 2012 in compliance with Samsung Korea team.

⦁ Increased W/Mc productivity and automation to maximise daily production capacity of ~ 2k (2014)

⦁ Earned “Samsung Award of Honour 2012,” for adopting Global Manufacturing Practices in Samsung India, the United States/Mexico, and Russia; Samsung’s highest award.