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Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Profile Example Resume

CEO Profile Summary

Accomplished and highly analytical professional with extensive experience in leading all facets of accounting and finance, P&L accountability, financial restructuring, and contracts negotiations, ensuring achievement of the most challenging financial objectives with unequalled success.
Consummate accounting and finance leader; excel at anticipating, identifying, and capitalizing on industry trends to develop sustainable/profitable businesses and gain competitive advantage. Adept at strategically using in-depth industry knowledge the best practices to solve complex problems, allocate resources, and achieve financial goals. Possess in-depth knowledge of tax, legal, finance, and accounting frameworks in Russia, Spain, LA, and Germany. Strong background in staff development and supervision; establish, lead, and motivate high-performing teams committed to achieving collective goals and shared vision. Outstanding track record of introducing and implementing actionable financial strategies and plans to deliver exponential growth. Leveraged excellent interpersonal communication skills to establish productive working relationships with clients, stakeholders, and executive management.

Versatile and results-driven professional with proven track record of success and substantial experience leading all facets of credit risk analysis, C-level activities, P&L accountability, portfolio management, and business development for top-tier organizations, while confirming attainment of the most challenging objectives.
Recognized as dynamic and visionary executive; skilled in encouraging creativity and innovation, building high performing teams, and fostering collaborations across functional areas. Outstanding track record of introducing and implementing actionable strategies and plans to deliver exponential revenue growth. Demonstrated history overseeing all aspects of financial modeling and business development. Skilled at preparing credit risk reports and analyzing and addressing potential issues, while ensuring efficient/accurate execution of corporate policies, improving operational efficiency, and developing innovative solutions to mitigate risks. Excel at leading credit analyst teams to maintain organizational structure and to meet and exceed financial objectives. Leverage excellent interpersonal communication skills to establish productive working relationships with clients, stakeholders, and company management.

Analytical and results-driven professional with proven track record of success, and substantial experience leading all facets of general management, C-level activities, P&L accountability, and business development, restructuring, re-branding, and market positioning for top-tier organizations and confirming attainment of the most challenging objectives.
Recognized as dynamic and visionary C-level executive; skilled in encouraging creativity and innovation, building high performing teams, and fostering collaborations across functional areas. Consummate leader; excel at anticipating, identifying, and capitalizing on market, consumer, and industry trends to develop sustainable/profitable businesses and gain competitive advantage. Leveraged excellent interpersonal communication skills to establish productive working relationships with clients. Stakeholders, and company management. Outstanding track record of introducing and implementing actionable strategies and plans to deliver exponential revenue growth and solid presence across markets. Demonstrated history of identifying and resolving problems, reversing negative trends, controlling costs, enhancing culture, uncovering and developing talent.

Consummate leader with passion to aid people in living healthy/productive life and broad range of international experience in various facets of C-level operations, including definition of strategy, government relationships, general management, client acquisition and management, P&L accountability and investment decisions.
Possess in-depth passion for “Quality Health and Education for All”. Recognized for uncovering robust market opportunities and proposing solutions to secure optimal business growth across diverse markets. Expert at steering initiatives from initiation to completion within budgetary and time constraints. Adept at hiring, training, leading, and motivating cross-functional teams both locally and remotely located across the globe. In-depth knowledge and working understanding of operating across international markets and managing extensive C-suite network across emerging markets. Sought-after expert with proven record of improving program impact and performance through development of comprehensive advisory processes. Proficient thought leader; proven success acting as key advisor and presenter in conferences and contributor to various publications on subject of international health and education trends. Demonstrated history of identifying and resolving problems, reversing negative trends, controlling costs, enhancing culture, identifying and developing talent. Articulate and refined communicator; excel at forging and nurturing professional relationships with clients and stakeholders at all levels leveraging interpersonal communication skills.

Highly analytical and forward-thinking professional with broad bases international experience in leading all facets of operations management, sales, marketing, service delivery, general management, and P&L management, for the world’s key manufacturers/suppliers ensuring exceptional performance and ample revenue growth.
Proven track record of success in enhancing product quality, managing production line, minimizing cost, improve daily workflow, and achieving sales targets. Sought-after trainer and safety expert with proven record of improving program impact and performance through development of comprehensive training processes. Demonstrated history of identifying and resolving problems, reversing negative sales trends, controlling costs, enhancing culture, uncovering and developing talent. Adept at leveraging business acumen across diverse cultures, industries, and personalities. Expert at planning, designing, and deploying abreast plans, policies, and best practices confirming compliance with set regulation. Broad based and diversified experience across multi-cultural geographies. Utilised interpersonal communication skills to establish productive working relationships with clients and all levels of company management.

Areas of Expertise

⦁ Change Management

⦁ Corporate Accounting & Finance

⦁ Stakeholders’ Management

⦁ General Business Management

⦁ Continuous Process Improvements

⦁ Strategy Planning & Implementation

⦁ Financial Performance Optimisation

⦁ Merger & Acquisitions

⦁ Team Leadership & Development

⦁ Financial Analysis & Reporting

⦁ Resource Management

⦁ Top & Bottom Line Growth

⦁ Corporate Finance

⦁ Stakeholder Management

⦁ Business Development 

⦁ Reporting & Presentations

⦁ Cross-functional Collaboration

⦁ Project & Bank Management

⦁ Portfolio Management

⦁ Credit Risk & Investment Analysis

⦁ Cost Reduction and Revenue Optimisation

⦁ Cross-functional Collaboration

⦁ Strategy Planning & Implementation

⦁ Team Leadership & Staff Development

⦁ Revenue Optimisation

⦁ Credit Due Diligence

⦁ Customer Engagement

⦁ Relationship Management

⦁ Risk Assessment & Mitigation

⦁ Service Delivery Solutions

⦁ Corporate Accounting & Finance 

⦁ Stakeholders’ Management

⦁ Cross-functional Collaboration

⦁ Customer Negotiation

⦁ Cost Reduction & Revenue Optimization 

⦁ Continuous Process Improvements 

⦁ Strategy Planning & Implementation

⦁ Brand Creation & Repositioning

⦁ Top & Bottom Line Growth

⦁ Team Leadership 

⦁ Resource Management

⦁ People Management

⦁ People and Performance Management

⦁ Manufacturing and Operations Management

⦁ Staff Development

⦁ Crisis Management

⦁ Strategy Planning & Implementation

⦁ General Management

⦁ Stakeholders’ Management

⦁ Cross-functional Collaboration

⦁ Continuous Process Improvements 

⦁ Corporate Finance Operations

⦁ Portfolio & Partnership Management

⦁ C-level Network Engagement & Management

⦁ Brand Building

⦁ Team Leadership 

⦁ People Management

⦁ Staff Development

⦁ Team Leadership and Staff Development

⦁ Complex Problem Resolution

⦁ Stakeholders Engagement and Management

⦁ Resource Allocation and Management

⦁ Continuous Process Improvement

⦁ Quality Control & Compliance Assurance

⦁ Project and Program Management

⦁ Strategy Planning and Implementation


CEO Job Description or Day-to-day Job Duties

Direct all financial activities for business involving pharmaceutical and life science operations, encompassing 400 employees and 280 million Euro of yearly revenue. Oversee implementation of SAP functions for LS. Act as business partner and collaborate with customers and CMOs, as well as head expansion of business presence and ensure attainment of new customers.

Oversaw day-to-day financial functions associated with pharmaceutical and chemical business. Led organisation of 350 employees with revenue of 200 Million Euros. Administered day-to-day facets such as controlling, tax, purchasing and accounting across 10 business units. Delivered strategic leadership to team, encouraged attainment of set goals, and ensured effective flow of communication/coordination while serving as CFO.

Headed pharmaceutical and chemical company consisting of 1000 employees with revenue of 400 Million Euros. Administered routine facets involved in controlling, tax, IT, and accounting of three manufacturing plants with 10 Business Units. Offered efficient execution of strategic plans.

Direct all activities related to operations and project management across Southern Africa region. Devise and deploy organizations’ vision, operational strategy, and hiring requirements by collaborating with General Manager. Transform strategy into actionable goals to enhance performance and growth. Develop and maintain professional relationship with key customers, partners, and stakeholders. Organize roundtable discussion with local banks and relevant stakeholders. Oversee functions associated with identification of relevant local banks engaging with current and potential Renewable Energy (RE) financing. Design and implement dynamic Agric-finance business development strategy with sectoral approach. Devise and deploy operational systems to increase efficiency and reduce risks for agricultural clients.

Delivered right direction and guidance through collaboration with the banks’ management. Supervised complex, time-critical, and technical engagements, as well as multiple small teams. Gained in-depth knowledge and working understanding of financial institution by conducting research, surveys, and interviews. Uncovered key issues by examining financial statements, including cash flow, net profit, expenditures, and revenues. Assessed and resolved financial institutions key weaknesses and flaws by gathering critical information. Oversaw functions involved in evaluating strengths and weaknesses of feasible strategies. Led, trained, and mentored employees on updated rules and protocols by conducting various workshops and trainings. Prepared robust proposals, reports, and presentations. Improved bank loan portfolios by an average of 20%. Carried-out analysis of existing credit policies, procedural manuals, and credit technology.

Provided exceptional support in formulation of SME strategy for Access Bank network. Headed functions associated with design, review, and standardisation of SME products, operations, and training methodologies. Served as acting head of SME Finance in Rwanda, Credit Risk Specialist in Nigeria, and Head of Branch Management while acting as Head of Agri-Finance in Zambia. Carried-out in-depth financial research.

Headed end-to-end facets involved in efficient management of credit granting process for SME and retail segment, including applications of credit policy, periodic credit reviews of existing customers, and assessment of creditworthiness of potential customers, confirming optimisation of disbursements and bad debt losses. Evaluated and identified portfolio problems and carried-out corrective actions to resolve issues. Led, trained, and retained staff of credit analysts to maintain department organisational structure to meet and exceed financial objectives and insurance goals. Provided reports of portfolio information on time to relevant stakeholders.

Oversaw functions related to monitoring of credit exposures. Headed and developed several robust training initiatives regarding operations and policies, as well as credit management to ensure absolute compliance with set procedures and control of operations with team of 20 members. Ensured high-quality customer service through efficient management of business development initiatives. Supervised end-to-end co-ordination of branch commercial and operational targets. Drafted monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

Direct all activities surrounding due diligence in a joint venture with Delta Air Lines, resulting in a base business revenue of $430M. Oversee development and deployment of by leadership restructure. Steer several facets related to cultural transformation to improve working environment and increase work efficiency. Lead key digital transformation initiatives involving replacement and integration of multiple support systems, including HRIS, Recruiting, Financial systems, Time & Attendance, LMS, Procurement, Workforce Planning/Dispatching, Auditing, and Sales. Head operations associated with business expansion via industry repositioning and rebranding of the organization. Offer exceptional leadership support in planning, development, and execution of strategy to re-position business model to a broader service delivery organization across aviation services. Establish a robust COVID-19 roadmap and crisis management team to protect employees, customers, and business enterprise and confirm minimum revenue decline, maximum protection of margins, and optimal position for recovery.

Administered day-to-day executive operations ensuring efficient management of $400M organization with 5K+ professionals with presence across 30 states improving local communities by equipping individuals with skills required to gain employment. Partnered with major businesses to meet their demand of trained and qualified workforce.

Headed multiple leadership roles including operations, and performance management, enabling technology, safety, training, process improvement (Lean/Six Sigma) and global customer account management. Led functions associated with accountability of $400M revenue for 50 US based markets with 12K + employees. Served as liaison with DOT in creation of standard scorecards and complaint resolution processes with major airline carriers.

Direct overall operations and high-performing team of 60+ ensuring efficient coordination of end-to-end tasks across Health & Education (H&E) sector. Oversee functions related to setting of sector strategy and ensuring seamless implementation. Ensure sustainable growth via regularly reviewing/revising complex processes. Chair credit meetings and make funding decisions for all health and education projects to optimize revenue, financial performance, and overall profitability of IFC’s business. Head performance optimization of portfolio companies by offering excellent corporate governance support, employing fresh talent, and delivering health quality, employability and digitalization advisory support. Engage cross-functionally with government personnel, World Bank and c-suit executives of private companies to ensure effective flow of communication between all stakeholders. Spearhead functions to strengthen and internationalize IFC’s H&E conferences and publications. Liaise with the World Bank to secure value–added public private partnerships in health and education.

Administered functions related to reshaping of a family owned business and get ready for a strategic sale to investor on optimal terms and conditions.
Direct overall activities relating to efficient management of company producing electronic products, including cameras, printers, photocopiers, and fax machines and offering robust Software as a Service (SaaS) document management solutions such as DocuWare, RicohDocs, GlobalScan, and Print&Share ensuring business continuity and optimal profitability. Lead cross-functional teams encompassing 3300 employees across 16 locations. Steer several facets involved in accountability of P&L worth €600M. Administer end-to-end planning to ensure seamless delivery of best solutions and products for consumers as per requirements to maintain viable business value. Oversee operations surrounding structural organisation, merger and acquisitions, and integration.

Headed end-to-end operations relating to effective management of a global technology company offering broad range of printing/imaging products, software, solutions, and services aiding customers to print less and save more. Managed P&L accountability of $800M across 37 countries in EMEA. Oversaw functions surrounding a leading provider of process and content management software that helps organisations fuel greater operational efficiency. Steered high-performing sales and service team of 700 members across territory. Supervised operational activities across sales, marketing, and managed print services. Engaged and collaborated cross-functionally with several departments to offer exceptional leadership support. Led implementation of policies and procedures to confirm compliance with set regulatory guidelines at all levels.

Administered executive operations and offered leadership support to a global telecoms company with over 5K employees, providing mission critical communications applications like high-quality managed voice, data, hosting and IP-based services. Directed activities surrounding P&L accountability of £200M across 37 countries in EMEA. Led end-to-end functions relating to effective management of 80 members across sales and services teams. Oversaw planning and implementation of robust roadmaps to increase performance across sales, services, and marketing. Engaged and presented CWW as a key speaker at several events.

Accomplishments or Achievements

⦁ Achieved 5 Million Euro savings per annum through deals with CMOS.

⦁ Headed processes involved in revision of contracts with local CMOs and key customers, while confirming adaption to new local laws and requirements. 

⦁ Implemented FFLE in 2014 with focus to acquire finance and assuring seamless business operation locally, as well s agreed with stakeholders of HQ, encompassing treasury, tax, compliance, group accounting, legal, and TPs.

⦁ Led functions involved in cost reduction of contracts with local producer through exceptional negotiations skills despite inflation clauses.

⦁ Supervised back office operations, including facility management, procurement, IT functions, accounting, and taxation matters.

⦁ Devised and deployed four year strategic plan of company.

⦁ Ensured excellent performance of subsidiary in tough political environment.

⦁ Restructured financial division in accordance with HQ concepts through TP policy, SAP, and devaluation of risk hedging. 

⦁ Offered operations related to selling of one main product and two subsidiary companies.

⦁ Acquired local company, while ensuring seamless integration in group.

⦁ Offered adaptation and restructuring functions to continuous evolving environment and challenges.

⦁ Carried-out integration of group acquisition for tax and legal, as well as oversaw three organizational sites integrated with systems (SAP).

⦁ Provided overall contribution to business development initiatives, including technical proposal writing.

⦁ Led, trained, and mentored multi-location diverse teams in various tasks associated with projects.

⦁ Steered project to bring decentral Renewable Energy (RE) projects and financial sector in Mozambique, as well as reduced risk through collaboration by delivering customised coaching and training in financial sector.

⦁ Implemented agreed capacity building modules on RE financing for selected four local partner financiers, including coaching and training modules.

⦁ Uncovered challenges faced by local banks to invest RE projects and assessed mitigations to address all challenges.

⦁ Developed manual for each local financier on assessing RE projects and companies in Mozambique, including templates for structured due diligence processes and assessment criteria.

⦁ Conducted desk review of documents related to education and education finance sector in Zimbabwe.

⦁ Administered seamless execution of several functions with keen focus on SME Banking, Agric-Finance, and Credit Risk Management.

⦁ Drove significant improvements by offering strategic approaches and delivered results to clients via oral, visual, and written presentations.

⦁ Provided robust consultation to financial institutions by collaborating with clients at C-level, confirming improvement in business performance across operations, profitability, management, structure, and strategy execution. 

⦁ Served as Finance Expert in framework of REFFA fund to support several financial institutions in different African countries in development and introduction of education finance products.

⦁ Enhanced growth in SME loan book in Rwanda by 8.3% in 3 months in challenging environment, while reducing Non-performing Loan (NPL) to 3% from 8%. 

⦁ Drove improvement in SME related reporting systems and risk management operations.

⦁ Delivered guidance and hand-on support to various SME departments across Access Bank.

⦁ Oversaw efficient management of credit portfolio worth $74 US Million.

⦁ Served as one of the bank’s credit committee member with individual credit approval limit of $150,000 US.

⦁ Acted as key person in reducing SME credit applications’ turnaround time from average of one month to two weeks.

⦁ Evaluated efficiency and performance of credit risk management procedures assigned to business and product heads.

⦁Improved assigned loan portfolio by 300%.

⦁ Enhanced loan portfolio by 300% with PAR >30 days and below 1%.

⦁ Headed loan approval decisions with $100,000 US individual approval limit.

⦁ Leveraged client engagement expertise to achieve multi year extensions for 95%+ of the business.

⦁ Decreased overhead expense by $2M+ by promoting system upgrade and digital transformation.

⦁ Secured top line growth of over 13% CAGR and doubled EBITDA from $21M in 2018 to $44M in 2020. 

⦁ Reduced labor cost directly by 2%+ via implementation of a cross-functional disciplined labor management process.

⦁ Led expansion and diversification of portfolio offerings and customers to integrate $55M in strategic acquisitions and attain organic growth of $150M+.

⦁ Acted as key member of executive global account management to cater top customers and boosted business extension by almost twice in comparison to the past 3 years, 

⦁ Created new brand and shifted the positioning from a captive vendor status to a commercial business/strategic partner by transforming from a ground handling company to an aviation services provider.

⦁ Steered crisis management to deliver excellent results, encompassing a return of 77% of labor hours over 6 months, revenue variance to budget of (27%), labor reduction of (36%), Gross Contribution over performance of 2%, and EBITDA of 22% above budget.

⦁ Saved $2M annually through restructuring and optimization of core business units.

⦁ Increased EBTIDA margins from 8.4% to 9.6% and renewed all workforce services contracts.

⦁ Offered exceptional support to 1M+ individuals in living best life by providing job skills training.

⦁ Achieved 45% contract win rate the highest in last 20 years by devising and deploying targeted growth plan.

⦁ Optimized quality scores from 92% to 97% in 6 months by designing and executing standardized management processes.

⦁ Positioned business as the first US based company operating at London Heathrow with a $100M contract.

⦁ Increased productivity by 15% and margin by 5% via developing the first web based mobile dispatch system.

⦁ Partnered with Disney Institute to redesign customer service training program and increase consumer scores by 20%+.

⦁ Met and Exceeded annual growth targets of 10% top line and 15% bottom line, resulting in attainment of 28% CAGR rate.

⦁ Generated higher quality and passenger experience scores by revising commercial agreements from staff to productivity-based contracts.

⦁ Headed planning and establishment of private Health & Education (H&E) business at IFC to bridge the gap between rapidly growing H&E needs and governments’ limited capacity to deliver required solutions. 

⦁ Oversaw key aspects involved in turning “Access to quality health and education for all” into one of the key strategic pillars of IFC.

⦁ Positioned IFC as the largest financier for private H&E across emerging markets by growing global H&E portfolio from $200M to +$ 3B, achieving equity portfolio IRR of’ 14 percent, and securing debt portfolio return of 8 percent along with 2.5 percent NPLs.

⦁ Provided exceptional leadership in set-up of a $110M VC portfolio across health and education sector. 

⦁ Devised the first international Ethical Principles in Health Care (EPIHC) latter adopted by +100 companies.

⦁ Raised $30M from donors and designed new advisory products to meet clients’ needs across Health Quality, Employability and Digital Transformation Advisory.

⦁ Expanded focus from traditional business to PPP/contracting resulting in 5-6 government advisory mandates/year.

⦁ Attained unprecedented emergency Board approval for a $4B Global Health Platform to fund manufacturing capacity expansion of essential COVID goods in Europe and US and aid emerging markets in difficult times.

⦁ Set-up appropriate corporate governance structure. 

⦁ Aided in recruitment of new CFO, Internal Auditor, and Medical Director.

⦁ Acted as a liaison to forge partnership between Medicina and Mayo Clinic to strengthen medical quality.

⦁ Awarded by Ricoh Chairman for attaining the best 6 months turn around.

⦁ Uncovered areas with opportunities and increased market share from 12 to 21%.

⦁ Introduced and applied feasible solutions to reduce losses from €-47M to breakeven.

⦁ Received several Chairman Awards for excellent contribution across Employee Motivation.

⦁ Devised and deployed robust improvement initiatives to optimise manufacturing facility across BoZ and Colmar.  

⦁ Increased managed print services across Europe by 15%.

⦁ Drove improvements and increased enterprise business by over 12% YoY.

⦁ Established a service centre in Budapest to increase working efficiency.

⦁ Optimised revenue and profitability by increasing software sales from 15 to 20% YoY.

⦁ Steered projects increasing level of automation to minimise possibility of human error in execution of daily activities.

⦁ Recognised as 2008 Service Award Winner! Of Chairman Award.

⦁ Initiated and executed cost-effective solutions to reduce overall cost by 35% across Europe.

⦁ Introduced new products/services across Europe to increase sales volume by 12% YoY.

⦁ Consistently meet and exceed Sales and Margin Targets of 12 quarters complex/challenging economic environment.

⦁ Restructured the entire Europe Organization and achieved a 4 fold productivity increase in merely three years.