Chemical Engineer Resume

Chemical Engineer Summary

Versatile and goal-focused professional with master’s degree and hands-on experience in oil & gas industry managing all facets of chemical engineering, research and development, process design, and control systems. Possess in-depth knowledge and working understanding of kinetics of reactions, reactor design, and different kinds of chemical plants and products. Demonstrated history of generating various process documents and calculations such as, PFD, P&ID, UFD, heat & mass balance tables, line list, process description, and flare load summary. Excel at Simulation and modeling by using HYSYS, Aspen Plus, Provision, and FlareNet software. Articulate and refined communicator; adept at utilising interpersonal skills to establish and strengthen productive working relationships at all levels.

Highly analytical graduate with substantial in-depth knowledge and working understanding of chemical engineering principles. Looking to apply my expertise in process design and modelling to contribute in optimizing manufacturing processes and creating sustainable solutions. Demonstrated history conducting scientific research, preparing protocols, identifying technical production and environmental challenges, and determining appropriate solutions. Excellent at forging and nurturing professional relationships leveraging interpersonal communication skills.

Areas of Expertise

⦁ Design, Modelling & Simulation

⦁ Product & Process Development

⦁ Experimental Design & Optimization

⦁ Process Control & Safety Analysis

⦁ Process Flow Diagrams

⦁ Laboratory Techniques

⦁ Renewable Energy

⦁ Heat and Mass Transfer

⦁ Computational Fluid Dynamics


⦁ Adsorption Technology

⦁ Information & Data Analysis

⦁ Research & Development 

⦁ Thermodynamics

⦁ Project Management

⦁ Chemical Process Engineering

⦁ Safety Policies Compliance

⦁ Sampling & Analysis Planning

⦁ Continuous Process Improvement


⦁ Process Design & Simulation

⦁ Scientific Research & Development

⦁ Materials Engineering

⦁Cross-functional Collaboration

⦁ Documentation Preparation

⦁ Process System Engineering

⦁ Engineering Calculations

⦁ Chemical Engineering

⦁ Manufacturing Technique

Chemical Engineer Job Description & Day-to-day Job Duties

Chemical Engineer oversee end-to-end functions related to design and development of new polymeric materials based polyolefins by utilising blown film extrusion technique.

Manage processes associated with physico-chemical and mechanical characterization of various materials, including FTIR, DSC, Dynamometer, and surface morphology. 

Engage in creation of robust engineering documents involving process descriptions, design basis, PFD, P&ID, and overall processes of equipment datasheets.

Develop and maintain documentation for equipment, line, and utility consumption list, as well as relief load summary, ESD block diagram, utility description, ESD matrix, and depressurizing philosophy.

Utilize several software for calculations of line sizing, Flarenetwork sizing, depressurizing calculations, and process simulation.

Provide process engineering support for functions involving aspen simulation, line sizing, and hydraulic calculations. 

Craft and manage engineering documents, including PFD, P&ID, equipment list, process equipment data sheets, line list, heat, and material balance table.

Spearhead operations related to equipment sizing, relief valve, and depressurization system flow calculations.

Design and perform a series of adsorption and desorption experiments using toluene and activated carbon, within the broader aim of maximizing the recovery of volatile organic components from industrial waste gases.

Evaluate the effects of thermodynamic and experimental variables by assessing uptake values. 

Perform day-to-day laboratory operations associated with the execution of quality control tests and procedures on intermediate/end products. 

Assess the efficiency of thermal insulation involved in beverage transport tubes by utilizing thermodynamic and heat transfer models.

Achievements or Accomplishments of Chemical Engineer

⦁ Contributed in obtaining biodegradable polyethylene film for food packaging.

⦁ Conducted accurate engineering calculations for hydraulic and hydrate formation.

⦁ Delivered technical support to ensure optimization of operating facilities.

⦁ Commissioned a new device for the investigation and analysis of adsorption processes.

⦁ Achieved optimal operating conditions to recover toluene from air.

⦁ Enhanced the thermal regeneration of activated carbon, ensuring longer adsorption lifetimes.

⦁ Ensured the highest standards for manufactured beverages, in line with cGMP requirements.

⦁ Reaffirmed the necessity and significance of insulative padding around process pipelines.  

⦁ Recovered 12MW in energy by simulating a process with an internally generated catalyst. 

⦁ Reduced the amount of national landfilled waste by more than 20%.

⦁ Achieved a 38% ROI, confirming absolute profitability within three years of operation.

Professional Development

Thermal Design of Shell and Tube Heat Exchnagers

Flare Network Sizing by FlareNet

Chemical Reaction Engineering & applied Chemical Kinetics

Process Control and Instrumentation Laboratory

Dynamics & Control of Chemical Reactions

Process System Engineering

Pinch Technology

Industrial Organic Chemistry

Technical Skills

Microsoft Office Suite, FlareNet, MATLAB, HTRI, Pipe Phase, Navis, Competent with Aspen Plus, Aspen HYSYS, ANSYS (CFX), CHEMCAD