Business Development Resumes Example

Business Development & Operations Management Resume Example

Investor & Business Growth Strategist Resume Example

Head of Business Development


Accomplished and result-driven professional with extensive years of experience leading several facets of business management, strategy development, field operations, contracts negotiations, and technical services.
⦁ Proven expertise choosing right strategy and planning/organizing information, tools, and resources to get the job done.
⦁ Adept at planning, developing, and deploying robust plans, processes, policies, and strategies to optimize business efficiency/processes and overall profitability.
⦁ Demonstrated history of steering projects, events, campaigns, and strategic initiatives from initiation to completion within budgetary and time constraints.
⦁ Articulate and refined communicator; excel at developing professional relationships with clients, peers, and senior leadership to provide sustainable business solutions.

Accomplished and highly analytical professional with extensive experience in business management, strategy development and execution, and team leadership while ensuring attainment of set objectives with unequaled success.
Proven track record of planning, spearheading, and delivering complex and challenging projects from conception to completion under budget and time constraints by devising and implementing strategic project management plans. Adept at developing and implementing best in class business strategies with ambitious targets and clear focus. Remarkable capacity to convert business strategies into impactful business opportunities and success. Articulate and refined communicator; proficient in developing and maintaining professional relationships with stakeholders at all levels by leveraging interpersonal communication skills.

Highly analytical, accomplished, goal-focused, and a persistent professional with substantial experience in automotive and insurance industries leading all facets of business development initiatives, sales, project management, and revenue improvement whilst ensuring achievement of set organisational business objectives with unparallel success.
Consummate leader, excel at anticipating, identifying, and capitalising on industry needs to deliver excellent business development and gain competitive advantage. Excel at uncovering new and emerging markets for business development strategy by leading the development and implementation of business development plans. Adept at recognising profitable business opportunities by evaluating and developing in-depth knowledge of company offerings. Demonstrated history of leveraging strong communication, negotiation, problem-solving, and decision-making skills to build and maintain professional relationships with stakeholders at all levels to drive long-term business growth.

Areas of Expertise

⦁Business Operations Management

⦁ Relationship Management

⦁ Stakeholder Relationship

⦁ Cost Containment & Reduction

⦁ Quality Control & Assurance

⦁ Contract Negotiations

⦁ Strategy & Business Development

⦁ Data Analysis

⦁ Customer Accounts Management

⦁ Business Performance Evaluation

⦁ Business Development

⦁ Operations Management

⦁ Financial Analysis

⦁ Team Leadership

⦁ Revenue Optimization

⦁ Customer & Stakeholder Engagement

⦁ Strategy Development & Execution

⦁ Continuous Process Improvement

⦁ Relationship Building

⦁ Business Growth

⦁ Risk Assessment & Mitigation

⦁ Complex Issues Resolution

⦁ Business Analysis & Development

⦁ Project Management

⦁ Team Leadership & Training

⦁ Sales Volume Optimisation

⦁ Market Research & Penetration

⦁ Product Development

⦁ Corporate Sales Management

⦁ Change Management

⦁ Strategy Planning & Execution

⦁ Revenue Optimisation

⦁ Campaign Management

Business Development Job Description or Day-to-day Job Duties

⦁ Direct end-to-end functions related to business operations generating over $25 million per year.

⦁ Oversee routine facets of partner relationship management, quality regulations compliance, long term planning, and project development and execution.

⦁ Head assessment and evaluation of Key Point Indicators (KPIs) to deliver monthly business performance reports to senior management and internal stakeholders.

⦁ Administer end-to-end operations involved in efficient management of customer accounts, including contract renewals, business development opportunities, customer relationship.

⦁ Supervise routine facets involved in day-to-day data analysis, identify trends, optimizing opportunities, and maximizing product value by converting cumbersome excel supply and demand model into streamlined Tableau dashboard.

⦁ Implement system optimization, as well as ensured robust growth and  supply reliability by collaborating with sales, production, and marketing teams through KPI evaluation for ad-hoc requests and monthly reports.

⦁ Devise and develop optimization in projects to generate incremental revenue and confirmed cost savings.

⦁ Provide analysis for comprehensive logistics networks by utilizing various modeling tools.

⦁ Oversee day-to-day functions related to contract negotiations, customer relationships, technical support, customer service, logistics, and contract support.

⦁ Establish KPIs for equipment reliability, product performance, safety targets, and revenue goals to improve customer relationships, performance, and sales revenue.

⦁ Oversee end-to-end business functions, including rebranding of business, purchasing corporate vehicles, hiring, training, and supervising crew of employees, and expanding geographically beyond Kingston to service Oshawa and Ottawa and all surrounding areas. 

⦁ Serve as CEO of Fannit as business growth strategist to assist team to achieve revenue growth. 

⦁ Oversee and maintain consulting agreement for business strategy and growth services, as well as possess ownership stake in business after company growth.

⦁ Deliver exceptional support to entrepreneurs to succeed in businesses.

⦁ Collaborate with US based CEOs as executive coach to assist in development and execution of growth strategy, while creating alignment and building a culture of accountability. 

⦁ Develop and execute the company’s business strategies in order to achieve the goals of the CEO and investors.

⦁ Provide exceptional support to consultants, coaches, and business owners to design marketing systems to attract and convert their ideal clients.

⦁ Lead newly founded Transformation department to develop and execute end-to-end functions involving strategy, change, and quality management.

⦁ Collaborated with LP Corp for development and execution of SalesForce partner community while ensuring availability within two months by serving as local admin of CRM application (SalesForce).

⦁ Direct routine activities related to management and release of new product “Volvo Oto Kasko” while supporting to reach 80% penetration on new car sales.

⦁ Assist top management to shape the future strategy by conducting in-depth and detailed market research. Received 2.5 months training at the start of program on every branch.

Achievements or Accomplishments

⦁ Collaborate with local and global marketing departments to use marketing cloud, making LPTR one of few countries using the Retention Flow process, which resulted in improvement of retention rate of SME Direct channel by 10%. 

⦁ Carried-out seamless integration of 360 degrees photo viewing feature to DOD mobile app, gaining top position among competitors.

⦁ Enhanced overall reporting, data analysis, and program socialization.

⦁ Headed seamless execution of functions involving fuels quality and terminal operations by partnering with Energy Transfer, which improved professional relationship with back office.

⦁ Collaborated with business units such as legal, procurement, commercial, production, and marketing departments to negotiate customer contracts and coordinated implementation of key initiatives.

⦁ Acted as key point of contact for region Midstream assets and implemented six projects with value of $44.2 million.

⦁ Identified and resolved key issues with RIN calculation, which led to $70M/year back to PSX.

⦁ Ensured compliance are met as per set standards, while minimizing down time and maximizing blending, resulting in best blend season to date.

⦁ Exceeded budgeted volume with 118% and revenue with 115% despite severely damaged market during COVID-19.

⦁ Secured $20 million to company every year by formulating robust WRB barrel plan.

⦁ Supported joint venture contract negotiations by providing in-depth revenue analysis and establishing economic model.

⦁ Added $13.2 million in revenue by optimizing contracts, improving ESL pricing strategy, winter offtake pricing analysis, and improving premium grade placement.

⦁ Designed back up schedule plan for two different refineries, ensuring seamless operations.

⦁ Delivered extensive analytical support between WRR offtake agreement negotiations and PSX with over $100 million per year at stake.

⦁ Led bi-weekly discussions cross functionally and evaluated business opportunities to increase company value to $4.2 million.

⦁ Presented annual product placement strategy to senior leadership by generating supply and demand models in conjunction with comprehensive netback calculations.

⦁ Assisted in optimizing product placement plans and long range plan budget decisions by developing, communicating, and implementing modeling activities and solutions for internal stakeholders.

⦁ Modeled complex logistics network by using LlamaSoft.

⦁ Headed fabricators and capital program to ensure all injection equipment is created in line with set specifications, time, and budget constraint.

⦁ Led design for various  projects to improve performance and reliability of injection equipment by evaluating KPIs.

⦁ Ensured effective use of equipment in field by following established procedures.

⦁ Saved $950K through effective liaison with customers about underutilized skids at every alliance meetings.

⦁ Accomplished record sales of 2,050,000 gallons through collaboration with sales team.

⦁ Enhanced sales of three field test by $2.2 million each by conducting field tests of new product.

⦁ Purchased company assets from co-founder and pitched new much larger vision for the business and convinced previous co-founder to join the company as junior partner in this venture.

⦁ Achieved 750% growth in monthly revenue since September 2021 by devising and implementing robust policies.

⦁ Accomplished 57% Year-over-Year (YoY) revenue growth by developing and implementing shared vision, creating alignment between management and employees, placing proper incentives in place to reward employees for executing our strategy, and building a culture of accountability.

⦁ Enabled business owners to relax for the first time in years through new stream of customers and profit growth.

⦁ Joined executive leadership team as a consultant in June of 202o.

⦁ Coached leadership team since and offered full-time job on numerous occasions by the company.

⦁ Achieved over 5 million a year in profits from 400k to become the fastest US based companies for last five years.

⦁ Gained additional feedback from customers on specific topics by steering transactional survey through robust collaboration with central VoC. 

⦁ Achieved €100K in OpEx saving with Lean projects by boosting trained workers to 51% in first year through development and initiation of Lean Roll-out plan.

⦁ Improved scope of Management by Objectives (MBO) in company by expanding to MD-4 level, ensuring employees align personal goals with company’s strategic goals.

⦁ Served as focal point of contact to handle all data requests received from LeasePlan Corp about company merger.

⦁ Business Development Manager, (2018 – 2021)

⦁ Collaborated with LP Corp for development and execution of SalesForce partner community while ensuring availability within two months by serving as local admin of CRM application (SalesForce). Partnered with local and global marketing departments to use marketing cloud, making LPTR one of few countries using the Retention Flow process, which resulted in improvement of retention rate of SME Direct channel by 10%. 

⦁ Headed and completed on-going year-long project within three months period by gathering data from other LeasePlan entities while overseeing end-to-end functions of “FlexiPlan” product.

⦁ Ensured availability of “OwnerPlan” product within a month through robust collaboration with legal and operation departments.

⦁ Increased number of Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) partners from six to 11 for white label projects within two years.

⦁ Achieved 99.9% score on data quality by developing commercial excellence culture from scratch.

⦁ Selected as Country Execution Lead by senior management to lead organisation-wide department to execute and manage projects by demonstrating exceptional communication and project management skills.

⦁ Enhanced score from 45 to 82 by performing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for

⦁ Saved 40% labour cost by devising, developing, and automating new pricing model from scratch.

⦁ Achieved and sustained 215K active users as of May 2017 by designing and developing various functionalities of DOD mobile app. 

⦁ Increased non-auto premium production to 2 million by efficiently managing and overseeing affinity projects.

⦁ Accomplished a 3.6 million increase in premium production for agencies by efficiently managing and leading network of agencies.