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Highly analytical and accomplished professional with extensive experience leading all facets of Business Intelligence (BI) analysis, IT consultancy, ERP implementation, SQL, data interrogation, and systems administration. Proven success in planning, designing, developing, and deploying dashboards by utilising BI tools. Expert at gathering and analysing business requirements and presenting data strategies into reporting solutions. Adept at translating business problems into technical requirements and outcomes. Proven track record of success in developing and implementing enterprise-level business intelligence solutions. Articulate and refined communicator; excels at communicating complex topics to non-technical audience by leveraging exceptional communication skills.

Analytical and results-driven professional with 10+ years of experience leading all facets of business development and analysis, data modeling and visualization, consumer insights, profit optimization, and team leadership while ensuring attainment of challenging business objectives with unequalled success.
•   Expert at developing and executing all financial planning and analysis activities while assisting with P&L forecasts, predictive performance indicators. and long-term financial models.
•   Demonstrated history of supporting decision-making processes through data analysis and insights spanning multiple areas, including sales, finance, and operations.
•   Adept at gathering, transforming, and combining data sources, tackling ambiguous and complex analytical problems, translating analysis into meaningful business insights, and developing potential options and actionable recommendations around those insights.
•   Excel at decision analytics through multivariate regression models, including transformations and interactions, cluster analysis, constrained optimization models, and decision trees.

Result-oriented professional with master’s degree in business and supply chain analytics executing several facets of data, business, and logistics analysis. Adept at collaborating cross-functionally with team members to ensure attainment of collective goals. Possess in-depth knowledge and working understanding of database systems, data analysis software tools, and Python programming language. Skilled in executing robust business strategies and conducting research to analyze marketing analytics methodologies and latest trends. Excel at converting data into useful insights for marketing team across organization. Demonstrated history of answering questions, resolving problems, and responding to requests while meeting and exceeding set expectations. Recognized for reviewing and evaluating key reports, metrics, and trends to aid senior management in key decision-making. Articulate communicator; deliver robust insights leveraging data visualization and presentations to stakeholders.

Highly-analytical professional with substantial experience leading several facets of business analysis, IT project management, and digital strategy development and execution. Demonstrated history of preparing and performing user training and testing. Skilled at ensuring product backlog is refined and well-documented by collaborating with product owner and development team. Adept at gathering functional specifications and requirements to deliver project in line with specified needs. Possess expertise of agile methodologies, including Scrum.Kanban, Scrumban, extreme programming, V model, and design thinking.

Areas of Expertise

•   Business Intelligence Development
•   Solutions Development & Implementation
•   Cross-functional Collaboration
•   Business Requirements Gathering
•   Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
•   Data Analysis & Reports
•   Team Leadership
•   Database Management
•   Reports & Dashboard
•   Business Analysis & Development

•   Strategic Planning & Execution
•   Project & Program Management
•   Stakeholder Engagement
•   Data Modeling & Regression Models
•   Cluster Analysis & Decision Trees
•   Financial Analysis & Data Visualization
•   Vendor Management & Negotiation
•   Team Leadership & Development
•   Customer Insights
•   Cross-functional Collaboration

•   Revenue & Profit Optimization
•   Business Process Analysis
•   Requirements Gathering
•   Project Management
•   Training & User Testing
•   Cross-functional Collaboration
•   Client & Stakeholder Engagement
•   Digital Transformation
•   Scrum Framework
•   Continuous Process Improvement

Job Description or Day-to-day Job Duties

•   Direct all activities related to management of P&L of Amazon Canada’s wireless accessories, phones, and wearable tech category.

•   Devise, develop, and implement long-term wireless strategy, including topics of assortment, trade-in financing, service plans, attach programs, and site experience.

•   Devise and develop multivariate regression models to benchmark optimal performance against actual performance, while presenting senior leaders with new insights on statistically significant variables and metrics to efficiently manage businesses.

•   Design and establish customized Tableau dashboards for individual business owners, resulting in powerful visualizations to easily present performance snapshots with added context of relevant benchmarks and long-term trends.

•   Oversee efficient management of Blue Nile’s $380M diamond business by fostering and nurturing relationships with over 150 vendors while negotiating vendor contracts and payment terms, as well as overseeing various internal programs and growth initiatives.

•   Gather and evaluate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), economic environment, and competitors to report progress towards goals to CEO, CMO ,CFO, and VP of Finance during weekly business reviews.

•   Deliver routine IT support to several hardware and software systems critical for business, such as electronic entry systems and Voice over IP (VoIP) telephone, account creation, Microsoft Office Suite administration, server management, and first/third line helpdesk support.

•   Ensure maximum uptime of general and business systems through implementation of customised and external solution.

•   Manage implementation of third-party web-based wireless software managing system on all new Kier Southern projects and £200 million Kier build HMP Featherstone II project.

•   Deliver on-site training to Kier staff on utilisation of system whilst setting up all the site-specific information for each project. Monitored and troubleshot live systems regularly and tuned the systems as needed.

•   Serve as Business Analyst to gather data from clients and deliver functional product in line with set requirements.

•   Develop product backlog and perform testing of functional requirements with end users.

•   Collaborate with cross-functional teams to achieve shared goal.

•   Perform business email intel management project for web based email classifier.

Accomplishments or Achievements

⦁ Achieved business growth from £6m to £51m by providing systems support whilst implementing systems changes.

⦁ Oversaw initial setup of customised Sage 50 reports, which copied into interlinked Excel spreadsheets.

⦁ Headed installation and implementation of Sage 1000 ERP solution. 

⦁ Devised, developed, and implemented various phases of ERP systems into 24/7 FMCG company in the last three years by collaborating with third-party specialists.

⦁ Developed MRP software to provide business with visibility of baking target attainment by utilising SQL and programming, further expanding into all areas of the business by researching, selecting, and implementing suitable ERP system.

⦁ Improved interface and added additional functionality by collaborating with senior Kier staff and software company.

⦁ Gathered, assessed, and allocated items for subcontractors on £15 million and 218 bedroom luxury hotel.

⦁ Reduced turnaround time of items by developing spreadsheet-based electronic snagging system, which vastly improved visibility of repetitive problems, further optimising system to enable on site capturing of items.

⦁ Ensured attainment of all non-construction requirements of project and confirmed completion in sync with the project and construction phasing.

⦁ Enhanced revenue from $93 million to $207 million by overseeing and improving in-stock rates, assortment, promotions, and customer experience.

⦁ Achieved triple-digit growth and improved category’s profit margin by heading overall business development initiatives through negotiation of program terms and inventory allocations from four of most prominent wireless phone brands.

⦁ Developed annual promotional strategies by evaluating customer traffic and conversion patterns and secured marketing and deal funding from top brands to optimize timing and placement of spend by leveraging customer preferences insights.

⦁ Accomplished overall annual selection goals by overseeing Consumer Electronics (CE) product family while collaborating with other P&L owners within CE to develop strategies in identifying areas of opportunity for adding critical selection.

⦁ Achieved incremental revenue growth of over $29 million above baseline organic business by supervising high-performance team executing 24 product line reviews over period of three years, including analysis, RFP, award of business, and impact analysis phases.

⦁ Reduced time requirements and eliminated possibility of human error by automating refresh of Tableau dashboards with direct connections to multiple Google BigQuery tables by utilizing SQL and Tableau Prep.

⦁ Performed financial Analysis to forecast, test, and summarize financial impact to pricing and assortment as part of each line review.

⦁ Served as high-performing and high-potential manager and received monthly mentoring from member of The Home Depot’s executive leadership team.

⦁ Achieved growth of 75% or $11 million from 2013 to 2014 by managing diamond upgrade and buyback program through development of automated valuation and pricing models and enhancing scope and scale.

⦁ Gathered and evaluated Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), economic environment, and competitors to report progress towards goals to CEO, CMO ,CFO, and VP of Finance during weekly business reviews.

⦁ Created functional and technical specification documents by utilising retro engineering, analysis, and functional enhancement for applications.

⦁ Performed end-to-end functional testing of developed SAP FG solution with end users.

⦁ Gathered new functional requirements for development on new SAP FG configuration whilst training end users on usage of new platform.

⦁ Established “To-be Journey” by organising and conducting design thinking workshops with UX designer.

⦁ Collaborated with client to create product backlog and tested functional requirements with end users.

⦁ Achieved high retention rate for end users by providing training on usage of new platform.

⦁ Gathered requirements and transformed into product backlog by collaborating with product owner.

⦁ Utilised JIRA by using scrum framework to accomplish successful delivery, ensuring satisfied end users and stakeholders.

⦁ Established “To-be journey” for end users by conducting design thinking workshops whilst serving as bridge between UX designers and stakeholders.

⦁ Collaborated with technical and design teams to create epics and prioritising into meaningful product backlog.

⦁ Designed and developed web-based prototype of email classifier by utilising natural language processing.