Aviation & Logistics Administration Resume


Accomplished commercial pilot and former air force officer with substantial experience leading several facets of supply chain management, administration, security, logistics, and aviation. Expert at collaborating cross-functionally with technical teams to ensure attainment of collective targets.  Demonstrated history of leading unit to deliver strategic goals and objectives of company.  Proven ability to manage high pressure situations during emergency actions. Excel at devising and deploying effective methodologies, efficient processes, value-added information, and documentation.  Instrumental leader; expert at streamlining processes, achieving desired results, and providing need-based solutions for optimization of working efficiency.  Proficient communicator; excel at building and maintaining professional relationships at all levels leveraging interpersonal communication skills.

Areas of Expertise

·     Staff Management & Development

·     Stock Management

·     Conflict Resolution

·     Shipment Deliveries

·     Inventory Data Analysis

·     Occupational Health Hazard

·     Supply Chain Management

·     Logistic Administration

·     Safety & Compliance Inspections

·     Risk Management

·     Material Procurement

·     Transportation & Distribution

Day-to-day Job Duties

•  Direct various activities related to general aviation, while serving as pilot in command.

•  Certified flight instructor to coach students towards successful Safe Pilots as per set international regulations.

•  Collaborate with flight operational manager and aircrew to ensure on-time orders delivery and accurate flight schedule by utilizing online system.

•  Lead and mentor various students throughout ground and flight training via tutoring, team meetings, assessment, evaluation, and constructive feedback.

•  Head initiatives related to planning, development, implementation and monitoring of multiple internal military divisions for timely delivery of equipment, materiel, and resources.

•  Devise and deploy activities associated with stock and stockpile handling, storage, inspection, tracking, transportation, supply chain, and disposal procedures in accordance with international standards.

•  Administer national and international procurement contracts of military material and equipment by analyzing and creating technical content requirements.

•  Oversee functions associated with management of staff performance and training programs.

•  Engage with global military entities, while delivering strong communication and interaction of foreign nature among Ecuadorian Air Force and English-speaking international institutions.  

•  Direct troops from each team for rapid response during execution of emergency plans under national security situations and natural disasters, including flooding, earthquake, public disturbances and border patrol.

Achievements or Accomplishments

•  Controlled and steered 990,3 flight hours in Aircraft Single Engine Land (ASEL) & Aircraft Multi Engine Land (AMEL).

•  Superintended flight records and documentation while acting as Flight Dispatcher.

•  Steered end-to-end operations of loading machinery in line with set operational procedures.

•  Supervised function regarding preventive maintenance task to track effectiveness of logistical equipment and vehicles.


Certificate in English Proficiency Level 4, Aviation – International Civil Aviation Organization

Certificate Transportation Security Administration and the AOPA Airport Watch Program

Certificate in Public Procurement and Contract Administration

Certificate in Labor Risk Audit Systems, Administration

Certificate in Industrial Safety and Work Risk Management, Administration

Certificate in Logistics, Cooperation & Management for Foreign Military Sales

Certificate in Safety regarding the Handling, Transportation & Storage of Industrial Explosives, Mining

Certificate in Ammunitions Inspection and Disposal

Certificate in Accidents & Incidents Prevention

Certificate in Handling Dangerous Goods

Certificate in Ammunitions storage Security and Management 

Certificate in Explosive Ordnance Disposal

Certificate in Ammunitions Inspector