Aircraft Mechanic Resume Example


Highly-analytical and dedicated professional currently pursuing master’s degree in aviation engineering and management with hand-on expertise executing several facets of aircraft quality assurance and maintenance, as well as administration across multiple aircrafts such as Tampico TB-9, TB-20, and TBM-850. Excel at identifying and uncovering issues quickly to complete efficient repairs to return aircraft to service. Possess three years of working experience on various aircrafts, including SOCATA TB9, SOCATA TB20, SOCATA TBM850, Cessna 125, Agusta Westland AW139, and Eurocopter AS365 Dauphin, while holding category “A” rating on Tampico TB-9 and category “C” rating on the LYCOMING O-320-D2A engine.

Areas of Expertise

♦         Technical Avionic Engineering

♦         Repairs & Overhauls

♦         Procedural Management

♦         Blueprint Interpretation

♦         Maintaining Documentation

♦         Aircraft Quality Control

♦         Base/Line Maintenance

♦         Corrosion Expertise

♦         Aircraft Maintenance Operations

♦         Pre-Flight & Post-flight Inspection

♦         Oil/Fuel Filter Maintenance

♦         Complex Problem Resolution

Description of Aircraft Mechanic or Day-to-day Job Duties

•   Carry-out 100 hours of inspection on various aircrafts, including Tampico TB-9, TB-20, and TBM-850.

•   Execute various facets of maintenance associated with Pre-flight, turn-around and post-flight inspection of Tampico TB-9, TB-20, and TBM-850 aircrafts.

•   Service oil and fuel system on TB-9 and TB-20. Offered regular maintenance services such as changing fuel and oil system filters on TB-9 and TB-20.

•   Perform ground management operations, including ground equipment movement safely around live aircraft, towing of helicopter, and marshalling of aircraft.

•   Execute daily compressor wash during pre-flight inspection, as well as alkaline wash every week due to routine flights over salt filled air on route to offshore platforms.

Accomplishments or Achievements

  Tested fuel sample of water and microbial organism in fuel tank.

•  Carried out numerous A checks, as well as involved in B and C checks.

•  Conducted end-to-end functions related to servicing of oleo-pneumatic shock strut and tire assembly.

•  Involved in C check on AW139.

•  Performed scheduled and annual inspections on AW139.

•  Gained in-depth knowledge and hand-on experience on various sections and operation of aviation store.

Education & Trainings

Master of Science – Aviation Engineering & Management

Bachelor of Science – Aircraft Maintenance Engineering

Basic Fire Safety Trained

Emergency First Aid Trained

PMVA Trained